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Adult Socks

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Style: Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Quarter Crew Sock-UnisexFox River Men's Socks
Price: $7.89 – $28.34  
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Fit: As expected (91%)
Rating: 9.8 out of 10

These socks are meant to keep our feet cool and dry since they are light in nature. To prevent slippage, the sock is designed with contoured rib tops to keep them in place. The compression zones known as spandex not only keep the socks in place throughout the day but they also add support to them. The vented panels are responsible for removing moisture while the cushioning and reinforcement of the sole makes them comfortable and durable.

The Best Socks For Sweaty And Smelly Feet

Style: Athletic Crew Socks – Mens, Womens – No Falling Socks, No Blisters, No Stinky Feet!

Price: $19.99 Sale: $14.99
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Rating: 9.1 out of 10

Antibacterial socks with unique features are available for both men and women. They are suitable and popular for various sporting activities as they offer maximum protection. Compared to their counterparts, they are light and durable.

They are uniquely designed by resembling shape Y that make it easy for them to fit on the foot. In addition to that, there are designed to easily fit on the anatomical shape of the left and right legs by various profiling of the knitted contour material around the toes.


Style: Thirty48 Running Socks Unisex, 1,3&6 Pairs Best Socks For Running
Price: $10.99 – $64.95
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Fit: As expected (88%)
Rating: 9.8 out of 10

These type of socks  are the best for running and they provide targeted cushion for the feet. They have extra padding on the arch and heels that prevents bruising, abrasion protection and pain. They protect tendons from injury due to friction and the heel tab assists in slipping socks off and on. Coolmax® fabric is made to keep the foot cool and dry, moves moisture from the feet while the CatalystAF™ is designed to enable the feet to breathe by creating an airflow within the fabric.

Best Hiking Socks

Style: Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew Sock
Price: $33.95 & FREE Shipping
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Fit: As expected (94%)
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Are you the kind of person who loves going on a hike despite the weather conditions? Here is the sock for you! This style won the Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award. It is best for moderate backpacking and rugged hiking. This is one of the most comfortable hiking socks in the market right now  as it is made up 74% merino wool, 1% elastic, 25% nylon and is washer and dryer friendly. You won’t regret investing in this type of sock.


Best Hiking Socks

Style: Darn Tough Vermont Women’s Stripe
Price: $15.50 – $23.00
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Fit: As expected (94%)
Rating: 9.0 out of 10

This style has micro screw stripes with suitable amounts of roughness and sass for quick day hiking. Extra padding  is applied at the bottom of the sock to offer extra cushion and support. This also prevents slipping, blisters and bunching. The fine gauge knitting of the merino wool makes the socks to be exclusively comfortable, allows the feet to breathe and dry faster when washed or moisturized. The brand is naturally antimicrobial thus capable of repelling odor and bacteria.

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12 Comments on Adult Socks

  1. Hey Juan,
    These are some awesome socks you have laid out, I don’t really have any varieties in my socks but everyone in my house has socks for different occasion and it made me super curious.

    Just a bit curious though, why are most sport socks very short? Because my formal socks which I use to go to work are long, should sport socks be long as well? Like in the case of soccer

    • Riaz,

      I wouldn’t’ say that most sport socks are short, let’s look at soccer,rugby, basketball, softball just to name a few. In most of these sports the length of socks is part of the uniform. In soccer, the length of the sock helps secure the shinguard in place, that is the reason why they all wear long socks. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Hi there Juan,you have a very detailed post and i like it.I am not sure if they are available in my country but i can say from the way you have explained every thing they are just perfect.if i may ask,apart from the sports socks,do you have some for the ordinary person?I would love to see the people i care for stand out in such quality stuff.This is a good job you are doing,keep it up.

  3. This is the first time that I have heard about anti-bacterial socks. This is just excellent. There was a time when I wrestled a lot and the mat always gave me burns on my feet.

    I always had to disinfect the wound first before putting on any sock. This silver anti-bacterial sock will come in very handy to help with the infections.

  4. Lots of really good ideas there for the athletes I know. The antibacterial ones look really interesting – anti-blister? Yes please!

    I have a question though – why are “running” socks usually so low-cut compared with socks for other sports? I automatically buy low-cut socks for wearing at the gym but have no idea why!

    • Janet,

      People tend to wear low-cut socks or no-show sock to the gym or other places because they might find them more comfortable or they find them stylish.

      I actually prefer crew socks for running since I found them more comfortable.

  5. I have been a lifelong Hanes socks guy. However the last pack I bought were horrible. Typically my socks will last me a year or two before they slowly start to lose their elasticity and begin to fall when wearing or just generally get out of place. This pack though came out like that right off the bat… I was sooooo disappointed.

    Do you know how many of the Silver Athletic crew socks come with the price of the $14.99?

    • James,

      I have heard wonderful things about Hans socks. Keep in mind, and I will tell you this because I have experienced it myself, sometimes with footwear or socks, there might be one particular batch of socks or a particular shoe that is defective and it is that particular product, it does not mean the brand is bad. You know this from personal experience since you have been wearing Hans socks for a while now and you have had only one bad experience.

      For the silver athletic socks that are priced at $14.99 there is only one pair of socks. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thank you for these reviews… I certainly enjoyed reading.

    Out of all of the awesome socks you’ve mentioned here, I really like the Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks because they look like something I would buy for keeping my feet warm through winter!

    I like the fact that they are running socks too.
    Thank you so much again.


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