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The Shoe That Fits

Are you always having a hard time finding the correct pair of shoes for your child? Did you know that shoes come in different widths such as narrow , medium, wide, and extra wide widths?

It doesn’t matter what type of sports or activity your child is involved in, there is a particular shoe style that will fit his or her feet perfectly. For example, did you know that soccer cleats in wide and extra wide widths existed? The  same applies with baseball cleats, they come in wide widths!

Dress shoes, sandals, and boots are all available in different widths as well! If there is a particular shoe style that you are looking for your child and you can’t seem to find it, I will help you find it!

Is your child experiencing leg or foot pain?  Along with varied orthopedic conditions, children’s foot problems often relate to the shoes on their feet and how they fit.

My Career In Fitting Children For Shoes

My name is Juan Pablo Valenzuela and I specialize in children’s shoe fitting.  I have been working for one of the best children’s shoe store in the country, and we specialize in children with foot and leg problems, and we provide regular fitting as well.

Having fitted children for shoes for over five years and counting, I currently handle approximately two hundred fittings and try-ons per week.  I have sound knowledge and time-trusted experience of the foot, footwear, the complexities of the fitting process, the foot/shoe functional relationship, shoe performance, and, not least of all, styling.

I always recommend parents to take their children to be properly fitted for shoes at their local kids’ shoe store, but several parents have contacted me concerned that they don’t have one in their area. Please STOP getting your kids’ shoe at Stride Rite, Nordstrom’s, Payless.. etc, since they don’t know how to fit shoes.

I’m here to listen to you and your child’s story, expressly assess his or her feet, answer questions, and start the fitting process.  I have the experience and kind demeanor to make this process and visit efficient and successful.  My job requires someone graced with patience and respect for children.  Having thus far dedicated my twenties to this niche industry, I am devoted to making the fitting experience (and shoe shopping) worthwhile, fun, and, in some instances, life-altering.

Humble fitting expert aside, I could also easily devote an entire second website to fashions in children’s footwear.  Take sneakers, for instance.  As an Uruguayan national (and proud American resident), I am a soccer (fútbol) player and avid fan.  Children’s shoe fitting expert is in fact my day job, yet even my extracurriculars revolve around feet and their movement.

 In Their Shoes: Fitting Your Child’s Feet

I would like to emphasize to parents that I do not fit a foot into a shoe with the philosophy and goal that the foot adapt to the shoe.  Rather I fit a shoe onto the foot with the foremost intent of adapting the shoe to the size and shape of the foot.  Whether it’s something as simple as fitting and slipping in some shoe inserts or going up half a shoe size, I work around your child’s feet.

There is a market for children’s shoes and informed professionals exist who can ensure that what was once a headache, a basic, chronic, or overlooked problem, is resolved.  This is accomplished remarkably frequently with a good fitting.  Regardless of footwear challenges perceived or evident, it is imperative that all parents have their children’s feet fitted.  This is crucial in order to ascertain if your child is of N, M, W, or XW width — a fundamental piece of information from shoe fitting to shoe shopping.  

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20 Comments on Welcome!

  1. You have some great information on your site. I’m going to share it with my niece who has a little one at home. She is just getting ready to start walking. I was looking for shoes for her 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hello Juan! What a great website you have here and I really appreciate how much you love your job and that it’s inspired you so much! You can feel it so much just by reading your articles. You have great information here for parents that I really haven’t seen many other places and will be sure to recommend it to anyone I know who can use it! Great job!

  3. Hi there Juan.

    I have two toddlers and I want to get the best fit of shoes for them. Would you recommend that I get shoes that are a little bit TOO BIG for them, so that I do not SQUASH their feet?

    My wife thinks the shoes should be as tight as possible…but I think that the practice they had in China to keep girls’ feet tiny was terrible. My wife’s idea sounds similar.



    • James,

      I do not recommend getting the shoes too big or too short for your children. There is a certain amount of space we can leave between their toes and the shoes in order to provide them with some growing room. However, if that space is too long, then we will be compromising their stability. I do not know what your wife means by the “shoes being as tight as possible”. The laces of the shoes and the velcro should be pulled as tight as possible. However, we do not want the shoes to be too short, if that is what she is referring to, then she is wrong. I hope this clarifies.

  4. Love your passion for fitting children’s shoes, Juan! My baby will start to need shoes pretty soon. I have already have some at home which were given as gifts, and can’t wait to put it on her. Any tips when buying children’s shoes? For adults, I think there’s a better time of the day when you should buy? Does that apply yo children too?

    • Raquel,

      For adult’s, I recommend buying shoes late afternoon, early evening. After being on your feet all day the feet tend to expand. There is actually no best time to shop for children’s shoes. They don’t retain water like we do so they feet don’t swell. Just make sure you don’t wake them up from a nap and they should be well fed, that way you avoid having a temper tantrum in the store.

      I am sure you are excited to see those first steps. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hello Juan,

    I never know I could be so informed about children shoes. I am a parent of 4 and a grandmother of 11. I will take your recommendations the next time I go buy any of my Grands shoes.

    I do have a question about buying any child the latest Nike or Jordan. Are these shoes good for children’s feet?

    Thanks again for being informative,

    • Jazzi,

      Nike’s and Jordan’s are both good quality shoe brands, but like with any other brand, some shoes are more supportive than others. As long as they fit properly, and they are good supportive shoes, your grandchildren should have no problem running around in these.

  6. Thanks for all of your help. You were extremely patient and available to answer my many questions that led to my baby finally getting fitted with great shoes that fit her braces well.

  7. Hello Juan Pablo ! My daughter is 5, almost 6, and seems to have Haglunds Deformity on both of her heels. Can you recommend what type of shoe, what type of features we should be looking for? Typically, if she’s wearing proper shoes it doesn’t bother her. But we have learned to avoid certain styles – like Converse and Vans. Thanks for your help. Cathy

    • Hi Cathy,

      You should be looking for shoes that come well-padded since when the bony enlargement rubs against the shoes the tissue near the Achilles might become irritated.I also recommend wearing a pair of socks that are well-padded and breathable.

      Before I can send you specific shoe recommendations I need to know whether your daughter has narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet and her shoe size.

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