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Children Extra Wide Shoes – Prevent Blisters, Calluses, And Corns!

Kids Extra Wide Shoes

Imagine the following scenario:

A family comes into the shoe store and to get their son’s feet measured to get fitted for a new pair shoes.

The shoe fitter proceeds by taking the child’s shoes off and…

“Oh my! Those feet look like frying pans!”

Does your child have wide or extra wide feet?

Do you always have a hard time finding shoes that fit? Does he always complain that his shoes feeling too tight? Do you always buy bigger shoes to compensate for the width? Well all of that STOPS now!

I have been working at a children’s shoe store for over 6 years and I have seen all sorts of feet from narrow, medium, wide, to extra wide widths! Some parents even come to the store saying that they need help from a specialist since their child  needs shoes for his “extra wide feet”.

Shoe companies do have a decent selection of  kids’ shoes that come in extra wide widths, but different shoe styles fit differently. For example, a certain shoe style with the same length and width size fits different than another shoe style in the same shoe length and width! I know it’s sounds confusing, but take a look at the picture below for clarification!

Do you notice how the New Balance shoe (on the left) has a rounder, wider toe-box than the Saucony style (on the right)? These shoes are the same size, but as you  can see, will fit very different!

Extra Wide New Balance Shoes

An extra wide shoe made by the New Balance will fit wider than an extra wide shoe made by the Saucony! How can this be possible if we are talking about the same shoe size in length and the same size in width? Well, shoe companies make shoes differently! New Balance shoes tend to have the widest, roundest toe-boxes, that will fit the widest kids’ feet!

In this post, I describe which are the BEST kids’ shoes for extra wide feet!

Which Shoe Companies Make Children Shoes In Extra Wide Widths?

  • New Balance
  • Saucony
  • Stride Rite
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Clarks

Those are the five brands that make children’s shoes in extra wide widths. While there are a lot of children with extra wide feet, not many shoe companies address their needs. Perhaps they believe there is not such a demand of children with extra wide feet! Boy are they wrong!

Since I work in a specialized kids’ shoe store that specializes in children with foot issues such as flat feet, knocked knees, or pigeon toes, we sell different type of orthotics or shoe inserts for kids’ to help correct the particular condition. Once we put an orthotic inside the shoe, we need a wide or extra wide shoe for the orthotic to fit properly inside the shoe.

That is the reason why we carry every single shoe style shoe companies make extra wide for kids’. I have fitted them all and I know which ones are the best styles.

Extra Wide Kids Feet

Warning: Avoid Places Such As Nordstrom’s, Stride Rite,and  Payless…

Unfortunately, most parents don’t know that their children have wide or extra wide feet. This might be because they just see shoes as coverings of the feet, and don’t really see the importance that shoes play in keeping their kids’ feet healthy!

They might buy shoes at the store without their children being physically there, estimating the shoe size the child might need. If you go to a shopping mall and place close attention at the stores that sell shoes, I can guarantee you won’t find shoes that come in different widths!

Those stores are filled with brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma… which are great shoe brands, but they don’t make shoes in different widths. Their focus ison  more fashionable shoes rather than function oriented shoes!

When you see people shopping for shoes at the shopping malls, they are not having their children feet properly measured and hence they don’t have a clue whether their children’s feet are narrow, wide, or extra wide. If you go to your local children’s shoe store, you will see shoes of all different widths, since these stores hire and train their staff to become shoe fitters that know how to properly measure your kids’ feet!

I always recommend that parents shy away from taking their kids’ to have their shoes fitted at stores such as Nordstrom, Stride Rite, or Payless to name a few examples. I actually wrote a post where I explain why you must stop buying shoes for your kids’ at these stores and the best place to buy kids’ shoes in this post:

The Best Place To Buy Kids Shoes – Avoid Stride Rite, Nordstrom, Payless…

New Balance Wide Shoes For Kids

Why Are Extra Wide Shoes Important? Healthy Feet!

If your child has extra wide feet and he or she is not wearing the right shoe width, this will lead to blisters, calluses, corns, and ingrown toenails, among other foot problems!

Some children may not even need an extra wide width shoe, BUT if they wear an orthotic, they might need an extra wide shoe for the orthotic to fit inside the shoe. Orthotics take a lot of space inside the shoe, and generally a wider width shoe is needed for the orthotic to properly fit inside the shoe.

If your child needs an extra wide width sneaker, below you can see a list of the best extra wide fitting sneakers for children!

The shoes below will fit a child that has narrow, medium, or wide feet (choose the width accordingly).

This first selection of shoes fit “short”, which means that you need to go a whole size longer of the size that your child measures in the shoe measuring scale in order to allow for growing room.

The shoes below will fit a child with medium, wide, or extra wide feet.

This selection of shoes fit “true to size”, which means that you need to go a half a size longer of the size that your child measures in the shoe measuring scale in order to allow for growing room.

Do Kids’ Dress Shoes Come In Extra Wide Widths? Learn The Secret!

Yes, but very few of them do. There are three brands that make dress shoes in extra wide and they are:

  • Stride Rite
  • Clarks
  • Jumping Jacks

While the selection of kids’ dress shoes in extra wide widths is definitely more limited than that of sneakers, if your child has an extra wide width foot and needs a dressier shoe, they do make them! While a child might use a dress shoe for short periods of time, and infrequently – 2 to 4 times a month, it is still important to have them fitted properly!

This first selection is for girls:

This selection of shoes fit “true to size”, which means that you need to go a half a size longer of the size that your child measures in the shoe measuring scale in order to allow for growing room.

This second selection is for boys:

This selection of shoes also fit “true to size”, which means that you need to go a half a size longer of the size that your child measures in the shoe measuring scale in order to allow for growing room.

Before you decide which shoes to get for your child, read my post where I describe how to make sure your child is wearing the correct shoe size. You can find that post here:

How To Measure Kids Shoe Size From Home – In Less Than 30 Seconds!

Are you looking for a pair of extra wide shoes for yourself? I actually wrote an article where I describe the best extra wide shoes for women and you can find it here:

Extra Wide Tennis Shoes for Women – The Best Shoes to Fit your Extra Wide Feet!

My Child Always Complains About His Socks Feeling Too Tight!

When a child has extra wide feet, that means he will need extra wide shoes, but also socks that will allow his toes to freely move inside the shoes, and prevent constriction of toe movement! Every time I fit a child in an extra wide width shoe, I always suggest parents find a pair of seamless socks as well.

Those type of socks will prevent your child’s toes from overlapping or rubbing against each other. I created a post where I describe the best socks for kids’ with wide or extra wide feet and how to make sure you are getting the correct sock size. You can find that post here:

Socks For Wide Feet – The Best Wide Socks For Kids

Extra Wide Shoes For Kids

Extra Wide Sport Shoes For Children- Do They Exist?

While most sport shoes don’t come in extra wide widths, there is one style of cleats for soccer and one style of cleats for baseball that do come in extra wide widths! Isn’t that amazing? How long have you been trying to find them?!

There is also a small selection of basketball shoes that come in wide widths, but the style got discontinue so you might not be able to find those shoes anymore! When a child is playing a particular sport, he is stressing his feet and legs more than when he is performing his everyday activities. This is why it is really important to have your kids’ sport shoes properly fitted, to keep his feet and legs healthy!

Below you can find three different posts I wrote where I describe the best extra wide shoes for that particular sport your child is playing!

Extra Wide Shoes For Your Child Do Exist!

Finding extra wide widths shoes can be extremely difficult depending on where you take your child to get fitted for shoes. I presented you with the best extra wide widths shoes! I always recommend that parents to take their children to their local kids’ shoe store to have their shoes properly fitted, but several parents have contacted me concerned that they don’t have a local shoe store that they trust where they live.

If you don’t have a shoe store to take your kids to, I created a post where I describe how and where you can get shoes online. The post is called: 

Kids Shoes On Amazon – Is Amazon The Best Place To Buy Your Kids’ Shoes?

Does your child has wide or extra wide feet? Are you having a hard time finding the right type of shoes for him or her? Please share your experiences below so we can all benefit it from them!


I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kid’s feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.

Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids’ feet and get my guide for free: The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make when Buying Their Kids’ Shoes

20 Comments on Children Extra Wide Shoes – Prevent Blisters, Calluses, And Corns!

  1. Hi Juan,

    I signed up to your email list. I come from a part of the world where parents don’t even know that shoes come in extra wide widths. They don’t pay too much attention to the shoes the child wears, until something is wrong with their feet.

    I love the information about getting the right size of kids socks that allow easy movement of the toes. I will also get the right size of shoes to prevent ingrowing toe nails. I don’t have a kids’ shoe store where I live but I ordered shoes for my kids’ based on your recommendation!

    Thanks again. I will follow up with you to tell you how they worked out!

    • Please let me know how the shoes work out, and if you have any particular question feel free to email me. Extra wide shoes are hard to find everywhere, since shoe manufactures are making less and less of them. It is important for the shoes to be wide enough in order to prevent foot problems!

  2. This is a great read. I’ve always believed (and in many ways, still do) that corns and blisters are cause more by kids that wear shoes that no longer fit them.

    That said, there is definitely a market for extra wide shoes, especially among females. From reading the reviews on the shoes you posted, those are some great options. If I hear someone complaining about their corns, I will definitely refer them to your site!

    Where can I find wide and extra wide shoes for kids’?

  3. I greatly appreciate the information I learned from you article. I did not realize that different shoe companies ran wider than others. I will be getting my son New Balance shoes now that I know they are larger in width than other shoes. My son has the widest feet and always complain about his shoes feeling too tight! Thank you for this info!

  4. My son will not wear anything but wide shoes. He doesn’t really have extra wide feet, he just likes the “feel” of them a lot more. Says they are much more comfortable. That being said, it sometimes can be challenging finding shoes he likes that come in wide. Or shoes that just aren’t so narrow. I will say that New Balance is one brand that does carry wide shoes. Sometimes he wants a different brand, but you will find they have them.

  5. This is really great information so thank you for sharing! As someone who has a kid with extra wide feet and always used to buy longer shoes because I couldn’t find them wide enough, I am so HAPPY I cme across your website.

    It’s great that so many shoe companies are now making wide fitting shoes for children. I was scared of the short and long term consequences of a child wearing shoes that are too narrow is too great not to provide him with the correct shoe width.

    I ordered him two pair of sneakers from your website and he loves them! He even said that they are the most comfortable shoes that he has ever worn!

    • I am also glad that your child is wearing the correct pair of shoes now. It will make a huge difference when he runs, plays and walks! AND it will prevent several types of foot issues! Also, they make wide soccer cleats and wide baseball cleats for when your child starts playing sports.

  6. I have a three year old son with extra wide flat feet as well as sensory issues. I’ve had shoes fit for him expertly at a local shoe store known for fitting shoes. my son refuses to wear them as his sensory issues make it feel too tight for him.he walks around with Crocs all day which i cant imagine being good for his feet. Help! What do I do?

  7. Hi,
    I’m so glad that I came across your website. I have been struggling to find any shoe that will fit my 1.5 year old’s foot. The issue is the thickness of his actual foot from the bottom of his foot to the top. It is so thick that shoes either don’t go on, or I get his foot in and then can’t velcro anything shut because his foot is too chubby. I’ll try New Balance next, but I’m not sure if that will be any better.

    • Hello Karley,

      I believe your son has a high instep. This means that you don’t only need wider shoes, you also need deeper shoes. The deeper the shoes the better, since his foot will sit more comfortably inside the shoe.
      Have you been trying shoes in wide or extra wide widths?
      Definitely try New Balance, it will make a huge difference. The shoes I describe all come in extra wide and are also the deepest styles.
      I hope this helps!

  8. Hello,
    My nephew is 2 and has a very wide AND tall foot. By the time a pair of shoes fits the width of his foot, his foot still seems to tall but the length (toe to heel) of the shoe is too long. Based on the length, his foot was determined to be between a size 5 and size 6 (toddler). However, the width of height of his feet have not fit correctly into any of the size 6 shoes that we have tried. We are hoping to find a pair of shoes that will fit him correctly.

  9. I am trying to find a boat-style shoe for my daughter who wears size 3 extra wide in New Balance (she is really between a 2.5 and 3). Any suggestions?

  10. We were originally using striderite extra wide but starting when he needed a size 10 they weren’t wide enough. We now use new balance in wides and he is happy he has more than 3 choices of colors/style. Any recommendations on snow boots? If he wants to play in snow we have to wrap grocery bags around his feet with duct tape. They keep him dry but are slick and now that he’s 3 he wants snow boots like every one else.

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