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Star Wars House Shoes – Find The Perfect Slipper For Your Kid

Star Wars Kids Shoes

What do your children normally wear when they are walking around the house? Several parents have their children leave their shoes at the front door before getting inside the house!

This means that your child will have to walk around the house barefoot, and depending on the type of floor you have, you should consider providing your child a pair of slippers or ” house shoes”.

A pair of “house shoes” or slippers will not only keep your kids’ feet warm, but they will also provide protection to your kids’ feet!

Have you thought of providing your child with more protection when he is walking or running around the house? There are a lot of slippers for kids to choose from, but if your child requested a pair of Star Wars slippers you will find the most popular and most durable ones here!

I have been working for a specialized children’s shoe store for over 6 years now, and I have fitted all type of shoes, from everyday supportive shoes to house slippers!

The styles of slippers I have fitted are practical but at the same time fantastically fun and they are perfect for wearing around the house, showing up at school for pajama day, or being the perfect final touch to your child’s Halloween or holiday costume!

In this post, I will describe the best Star Wars slippers for kids!

Star Wars Slippers For Kids

Star Wars Slippers For Kids’ – Where To Buy Them?

Before we get into more detail about the most popular Star Wars slippers for kids’, I want to explain the importance of wearing slippers around the house.  For some families, wearing slippers inside the house is a part of their daily routine.  Some children put them on as soon as they get home from school, and parents tend to wear them after a long day at work!

Maybe you are ready to find a pair of slippers for your child or for yourself, and you are thinking of picking up a pair at the next shoe retailer you go to.


How can you make sure you are providing your child with the correct slipper size?

I always recommend that parents take their kids’ to their local children’s shoe store to have their shoes properly fitted. However, several parents have contacted me asking me where they can get their slippers online since they don’t have a kids’ shoe store where they live!

I wrote a post where I describe the best place to get your kids’ shoes online. The post is called:

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When it comes to slippers, there are a couple of things we must take into consideration before purchase! The quality of the material they are made of, the grippers on the sole, and how well they hug the child’s feet.

Our kids’ feet should always be protected, and wearing the right type of slippers is crucial to keep their feet healthy!

Star Wars Sneakers For Kids

What Are The Best Star Wars Slippers For Kids?

Children’s slippers with skid-resistant outsoles and moisture-wicking lining are ideal for them to walk, run, and play around the house without feeling unstable and preventing their feet from sweating too much!

It is important to make sure you get the correct shoe size when you buy a slipper for your child in order for them to wear it comfortably around the house! A slipper that is too big can compromise your child’s stability, making them more prone to falling!

A slipper that is fitted too short will not allow any growing room for your child, and they might end up wearing it for a very short period of time!

I wrote a post where I describe how to make sure you are providing your child with the correct shoe size! The post is called:

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Did you know that slippers made of synthetic materials or fur lining WILL make your kids’ feet sweat a lot more than a slipper made out of wool or polyester? Now that you know what slippers should be made of, it’s time to look at  the best Star Wars slippers for children!

I presented you with the best Star Wars slippers for kids’. The styles I described above are made from quality materials,in order to protect your kids’ feet and also prevent bacteria from building up inside the slipper!

The Best Slippers For Kids With Smelly Feet – Stop The Smell!

Did you know that when your kids sweat the moisture gets trapped inside the slipper, which results in smelly feet and smelly shoes? It is important to invest in a good pair of slippers for our kids’ (this doesn’t mean spending more money, just knowing which ones are made of better quality), because once the slippers start developing a smell, it is really hard to get rid of it!

Did you know that one of the main causes of smelly feet is wearing the wrong type of shoes?

What type of material should the slippers be made of?

Wearing a slipper made from wool is ideal since this type of material will:

  • Wick all perspiration away from the feet.
  • Make the slipper breathable.
  • Keep your kids’ feet warm in the winter, and at the same time keep their feet cool during the summer (this is an awesome feature of wool!)

Star Wars Shoes For Kids

What To Do If My Kids’ Slippers Are Already Smelling?

Foot odor is a common nuisance in most houses. Please be careful about the type of shoes you purchase for your child. If the shoes are not breathable enough, they will end up causing your kids’ feet a lot of problems!

Once the slippers have been exposed to your kids’ sweaty feet, there will be a build up of bacteria inside the shoe. It is important that you clean your kids’ shoes on a regular basis in order to kill any bacteria that may be present!

Star Wars Slippers For Mom And Dad?!

May the force be with you! Your children will love these Star Wars slippers! They can choose from their favorite characters like a Storm Trooper, R2D2 or Darth Vader!

I presented you with the best Star Wars slippers for kids, the ones made of better quality and that will allow your kids’ feet to breathe properly. Now that you are ready to get your child the right type of slipper, maybe you can get a pair for yourself! I have spoken with several parents who actually own a pair of Star Wars slippers themselves. Better yet, if you are a women shoe size 8 1/2 or smaller, you can purchase the kids version which will be much cheaper.

I wrote a post where I describe this size conversion in more detail. The post is called:

Women And Kids Shoe Size Conversion Chart – Save Big Buying Kids Shoes! 

Even though most parents like to pick up slippers without having their child try them on, it is important to get them the right size for all of the reasons mentioned above!

If you are interested in getting a pair of slippers for yourself, take a look at the selection below where I present you with the best Star Wars slippers for adults!

Now you can get these fun Star Wars slippers and match the ones your kid is wearing!

Does your child own a pair of Star Wars slippers? Do you own a pair yourself? Please share your experiences below so we can all benefit from them!


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10 Comments on Star Wars House Shoes – Find The Perfect Slipper For Your Kid

  1. Hi,
    My son is absolutely crazy about Star Wars and I was looking for the slippers for him with the nicest design,
    thank you for making me aware that I had to think of some other things such as safety and the material when it comes to choosing the perfect slippers!

    • Xena,

      The slippers I recommend in the post are the safest for children. They provide the best traction and they come with an elastic that hugs the foot, which guarantees that they won’t come off your kids’ feet when they are running around the house.

  2. I got my child the slipper that has the stor tropper. He loved it! I am not sure yet if he loves how comfortable they are or he is just in love with te design. I love the fact that they are staying on his feet even when he is running around the house! Thank you so much! You are like a kids’ shoe guru!

    • Awesome! It is important for the slippers to hug our kids’ feet properly so they don’t fall off their feet. They also have excellent traction that way they prevent slippage and falls.

  3. When I was a kid my parents forbid me to wear my shoes in the house and I have grown up to follow the same rules. I cannot stand dirt coming into the house and my kids are always trying to come in wearing the shoes thinking that I will not notice.

    It goes without saying that I was a fan of Star Wars when I was a child back in the 1970s and it has gone into the next generation with the new movies and merchandise for the young of today! My son is more into it than my daughter so I think a pair of Star Wars slippers would be a perfect gift for him!

    I can see you show a lot of designs when it comes to choice, are they available in different sizes too?

    Thanks, great information here!

    • Chris,

      I learn the rule of leaving the shoes by the door 10 years ago when I first came to the United States! I think it’s great because our shoes carry a lot of bacteria and dirt.

      The designs that you see displayed are the best choices when it comes to kids’ slipper in terms of durability and traction. They are all available in different sizes!

  4. I ordered my kids’ a pair of these house shoes slippers and they love them. I personally like the Chewbacca shoe design but they love Yoda. I checked out your other post on women and kid size shoes. I wear a size 5.5. Does that translate to a size 4 for childrens’ shoes? Wouldn’t that be smaller?

  5. I know lots of kids love Star Wars. My nephews are big fans, in fact, one of them collect everything that has to do with Star Wars, he will find this interesting.He is already wearing a pair of Star Wars sneakers we ordered from your website, I can’t wait to let him know what I came across.

    He will love the Yoda slippers! Thanks for reviewing the best shoes for children! It really is a life savior for those parents like me that don’t have were to take them to be fitted for shoes!

    • You are correct, a lot of children love everything that relates to Star Wars! I am glad your nephews are happy with the shoes you got them! They will love their slippers too! They are comfortable, grip the floor to give the child more stability, and they come with their favorite designs!

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