Fitting Children's Shoes

Sever’s Disease in Kids – STOP Your Kids’ Heel Pain!


Have you noticed your child walking and running differently? Has your child been complaining about heel pain? If your child has been experiencing heel pain, then it’s very likely that your child is dealing with a condition called Sever’s disease. While the name might sound a little scary, Sever’s disease is more common than you think […]

The Best Shoes with Ankle Support – Support Your Kids’ Ankles!


Do you have a child that is experiencing ankle pain? Did you know that the correct pair of supportive shoes with a firm heel counter can significantly reduce or fully eliminate the pain? Ankle pain normally occurs due to the overuse and inflammation around the growth plate located in the heel bone. I am going […]

Best Shoes with Heel Support – Straighten and Protect Your Kids’ Heels!


Has your child been complaining about heel pain? Have you noticed your child walking and running differently? As soon as you notice your children walking differently, you must start by checking the shoes that they are  wearing. I am going to show you a list of the best shoes with heel support based on my […]

How to Tie Shoes for Heel Pain – The Most Effective Way!


Do you have a child who has been experiencing heel pain? Do you feel like you have tried several different shoes but the pain persists and intensifies when your child participates in high-impact activities? Heel pain can be very painful, and might lead children to refuse to participate in activities that they used to enjoy. My […]