Fitting Children's Shoes

Shoes for Children with High Arches – Extra Cushion and Extra Depth!


Do you have a child with high arches and are finding it nearly impossible to find shoes that fit? Do you feel like you always have a hard time getting your child’s shoes on, and when you finally manage to put them on they leave imprints on the top part of your child’s feet? In addition […]

High Instep VS High Arch – The Best Kids’ Shoes for Either of These Conditions!


Most parents get confused about what is the difference between having a high arch versus having a high instep. While most children with high arches tend to have a high instep, children with high insteps don’t necessarily need to have a high arch. In fact, I have seen flat-footed children with high insteps. It’s important to […]

Best Sandals for Kids with High Arches – Prevent Foot Pain!


Are you having a hard time finding a pair of sandals to accommodate the shape of your child’s high arches? Is your child complaining about foot pain and are you unsure about which summer shoes might work best for your child’s feet? I have put together a selection of the best sandals for kids with […]