Fitting Children's Shoes

The Best Summer Shoes for Kids – Get Them Ready for Summer Camp!


Have you been looking to keep your kids’ feet and legs healthy during the summer? Did you know that certain summer shoes provide better comfort, support, and protection to your kids’ feet? Summertime is approaching and it’s time to find good summer shoes for your children to be able to run and play comfortably. Parents tend […]

Native Shoes – The Must Have Shoe for the Summer


Have you been looking for the perfect pair of summer shoes for your child? You probably want a shoe that is versatile and durable, easy to put on, waterproof, and yet still looks stylish! Native has become one of the most popular summer shoe brands for kids and parents love how versatile and stylish these summer […]

Crocs for Children – Is Your Child in Danger When Wearing Crocs?


Crocs might be one of the most loved pieces of footwear by children (boys in particular). Children love wearing Crocs because of the ample room it offers to their toes, and how easy they can put them on and take them off. I have found that certain Crocs styles are more supportive and durable than others. […]