Fitting Children's Shoes

Best Waterproof Ugg Boots for Kids – Can Kids Wear Ugg Boots in the Snow?


One of the most common questions that parents ask me related to Ugg boots is whether their kids can wear them in the snow. Ugg boots are some of the warmest and most comfortable boots that children love to wear, but most of their styles are not fully waterproof. This means that your child’s feet will […]

Best Sheepskin Boots for Kids – Warm, Durable, and Waterproof!


Are you looking for a pair of sheepskin boots to keep your child’s feet warm, dry, and comfortable during this winter season? Did you know that sheepskin can mold and stretch to the shape of the foot, giving your child a customized fit? The best sheepskin boots for kids are warm, durable, and water-resistant. There […]

Ugg Boots for Children – Use Your Parenting Good Judgment


Have you been looking for a pair of Ugg boots for your child? Have you heard that these are some of the most stylish, comfortable, and popular boots for children? Several parents have asked me whether it’s appropriate for their children to wear Ugg boots and how many hours a day they should be allowed […]