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The Best Hiking Boots For Kids – Finding A Wide And Waterproof Hiking Boot!

The Best Hiking Boots For Children

Did you know that hiking boots for children with wide or extra wide feet actually exist? Hiking boots for children have become extremely popular because of the versatility that they provide. For example, some parents who live in areas where there is cold weather decide to purchase an insulated waterproof hiking boot instead of a snow boot.

I think this is a smart decision since your child can wear hiking boots for longer periods of time and to different activities, while snow boots are only meant to be worn in the snow.

Most parents are not aware that there is a small selection of waterproof hiking boots for children with wide feet, and I know this because I have fitted them before.

I have been fitting children’s shoes and orthotics for the last 10 years, working for a specialized children’s shoe store that focuses on children with foot and leg problems, but provide regular shoe fittings as well. I know which shoe brands and which shoe styles among those brands are better than others.

Going for hiking adventures with your kids is a great way to exercise and spend time together as a family. You need to protect and support your kids’ growing feet every step of the adventure by providing them with a supportive, waterproof, pair of hiking boots

I always tell parents that I love the versatility that hiking boots provide since they are not just for going to hiking adventures, they are also great for those yucky, rainy days, when you want to keep your children’s feet warm and dry.

It is not easy to choose the right type of hiking boots since they all come with different features:

  • Some have better traction.
  • Some are waterproof.
  • Some are insulated.
  • Some come in wide widths.
  • Some come up higher the leg than others.

Choosing the right type of hiking boots for your kids is not as easy as it sounds. specially if your child has wide feet. I always recommend hiking boots that are waterproof since that feature makes it a much more functional shoe, and allows your kids’ to be able to wear them in the snow, as long as it is also insulated.

In this post, I will describe the best hiking boots for kids’ that are waterproof, insulated, and are available in wide widths! Let’s figure out first how can you tell if a hiking boot is waterproof and how to make sure that you get the correct hiking boot size for your child.

Kids Hiking Boots

How To Tell If The Hiking Boot Is Waterproof – Check the Label!

Most of the hiking boots that we carry at the children’s shoe store that I work for are waterproof.  The whole point of a hiking boot is to keep your kids’ feet warm and dry when going for an adventure or when walking on wet surfaces on a  rainy day.

You have to be careful when choosing a hiking boot for your child, since most of them are not waterproof.

In order to make sure that the hiking boot is waterproof, it must be labeled on the boot. If you don’t see a label that says “waterproof”, then it means that it’s not. Take a look at the picture below for clarification:

Kids Hiking Boots Waterproof

In addition to the waterproof feature, hiking boots must provide good traction.

When walking on wet surfaces your kids’ feet may slip more, and a hiking boot that provides good traction will prevent your child from slipping and falling.

Before I show you a selection of the best hiking boots for kids’, let’s make sure that you know how to provide your child with the correct shoe size. The link below will explain you the simplest, yet most effective way to figure out your child’s foot size from home:

How To Measure Kids Shoe Size From Home – In Less Than 30 Seconds!

Do Hiking Boots Come With Velcro Closure?- Let’s Find Out!

Most hiking boots come with Velcro closure and some other ones come with toggle shoelaces instead of shoelaces. If your child doesn’t know how to tie his shoes yet, you can definitely find a hiking boot with Velcro closure or toggle shoelaces.

This will give your children the independence of putting their shoes on and taking them off by themselves, and it will avoid frustration of having to constantly tie the boots.

Below is a picture of how a hiking boot with Velcro closure and a toggle shoelace looks like:

Boy Hiking Boot

You can actually purchase a hiking boot with shoelaces and then replace the shoelaces with toggle shoelaces. I wrote a post where I describe the best toggle shoelaces for kids. Go to the link below:

Toggle Shoe Laces – Never Tie Your Shoes Again

Keep in mind that a hiking boot with shoelaces will always provide more support and stability than a Velcro closure or a toggle shoelace.

Hiking Boots In Wide Widths – Do They Exist?

Yes, they do!

If your child has wide feet and you provide him/her with a pair of hiking boots that are too narrow, you will end up creating all sort of foot problems such as blisters, ingrown toenails, calluses, and corns.

Imagine going for a long walk in hiking boots that are pinching your kids’ feet and toes,it will not only create all sort of foot problems, but it will also make your kids’ adventure much less enjoyable.

Now that you know what features a hiking boot must provide and how to measure your child’s foot size from home, let’s take a look at a selection of the best hiking boots for kids.

The Best Hiking Boots for Kids ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Below you can find the best selection of hiking boots that are waterproof, provide good support, are lightweight, flexible, durable, and will fit the shape of a child with wide feet.

Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

Toddler/Little Kid MToddler/Little Kid MToddler/Little Kid MToddler/Little Kid MToddler/Little Kid MToddler/Little Kid MLittle Kid M,W,XWLittle Kid M,W,XWLittle Kid M,W,XWLittle/Big Kid M,W,XWLittle/Big Kid M,W,XWLittle/Big Kid M,W,XWLittle/Big Kid M,W,XWLittle/Big Kid M,W,XWLittle/Big Kid M,W,XWLittle/Big Kid M,W,XWLittle/Big Kid M,W,XWLittle/Big Kid M,W,XW

All of these shoe styles fit “true to size”, which means that you need a half a size longer of the size that your child measured in the standard foot measuring scale (Brannock device) in order to allow for growing room.

Do you happen to need a pair of hiking boots for yourself? I actually wrote an article where I describe the best waterproof hiking boots for women and you can find it here:

The Best Waterproof Hiking Boots for Women -Keep your Feet Dry and Warm!

Can Kids Wear Their Hiking Boots to School When it Rains?


Hiking boots will keep your child’s feet dry and warm, and allow him or her to wear the boots for longer periods of time.

Let’s face it, walking and running in a pair of snow boots or rain boots is not the same as doing so in a pair of hiking boots! However, avoid sending them to school in hiking boots on days that they have physical education.

I believe that physical education class should always be performed in a pair of good, supportive sneakers.

The Difference Between a Hiking Boot and a Snow Boot

The main difference is that hiking boots are much more versatile. Your child can wear a hiking boot on a daily basis, on rainy or snowy days, or when you take him for a hike in the mountains. However, a snow boot is only meant to be worn for a very short period of time since they tend to be heavier and less flexible than hiking boots.

This means that snow boots are only meant to be worn when it snows or when there is extremely cold weather, for very short periods of time.

Some parents decide to get the child both a hiking boot and a snow boot, but if you are looking to save some money, I would recommend  that you get your child a pair of insulated hiking boots instead of a snow boot.

Your children will get much more use out of them, and they will be able to wear them in the rain and also in the snow.

The Best Socks to Wear with Hiking Boots

There are certain socks that will cushion and protect your kids’ feet when hiking. The socks should be the same length of the hiking boot, and I strongly recommend having your children trying the hiking boots with the same type of socks that they will be wearing with the boots.

For those really cold days, there are certain socks that will provide more warmth and cushioning than others. Also, providing your child with specifically hiking boot socks will allow your child’s feet to breathe better, since they are made of merino wool, an ultra-soft, naturally anti-microbial, breathable material.

Below you can find a selection of the best hiking socks for children. Please refresh your browser if you can’t see the recommendations.

Can Kids Wear Hiking Boots in the Snow? – Let’s Find Out!

Yes, as long as the hiking boots are insulated. Besides being waterproof, which will prevent the snow from getting inside the boot, we need the hiking boot to be insulated to keep your kids’ feet warm and dry when walking through the snow.

Insulated hiking boots are more expensive than your regular hiking boots, but you are getting two boots in one, since your child will be able to use them not only as their pair of hiking boots, but also as their pair of snow boots.

A hiking adventure is a great idea to get our children away from the TV or their electronic devices. It will not only provide good exercise for them, but also promote good, quality time with the family! In order for them to have a pleasant experience and ask to do it more frequently, you should provide them with the right type of boots.

Please remember that hiking boots for children with wide or extra wide feet do exist, and they will guarantee your kids’s comfort when hiking, going to school on rainy days, or playing outside in the snow.

Does your child already own a pair of hiking boots? Have you found a particular style that he/she loves the most? Please share your experiences below so other parents can benefit from your experiences.


I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kid’s feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.

Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids’ feet and get my guide for free: The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make when Buying Their Kids’ Shoes

10 Comments on The Best Hiking Boots For Kids – Finding A Wide And Waterproof Hiking Boot!

  1. Finally some useful information about hiking boots for my kids. It was always difficult for me to find proper boots that would be same for my kids and not ruin my wallet. Kids can be easily discouraged if anything is not comfortable for them. That’s the main problem when traveling with kids. I got the Merrell style that comes in wide and I also got a pair of the socks you recommend. My child loves them and said they are the most comfortable boots he ever wore!

    • Rafa,

      I agree, children need to be comfortable in order to enjoy their hiking adventures. I am glad your child loves his new boots. He probably has a wide foot and you weren’t providing him with a wide width pair! From now on, always make sure you are getting your child the correct shoe size!

  2. Thank you for a good and informative post on the subject of hiking boots for children. Which one will you recommend for a child that has a wide foot? My grandchild always complains about his shoes feeling too tight!

    I was very impressed with your information about the differences of hiking boots as opposed to a snow boot.

  3. My children love taking hikes. There are a couple of state parks near my home that have long trails, and I take them on hikes pretty regularly. I do notice that after these hikes, my kids, particularly my younger daughter, complain about sore feet, as they usually just wear their sneakers. I ordered hiking boots from the ones you recommend and hopefully this will help them feel more comfortable.

    • Oliver,

      It is important to wear the correct type of footwear for a particular activity. Your children will notice a tremendous difference not only on how their feet feel,but a waterproof hiking will keep their feet warm and dry!

  4. After reading this I hit the buy button for KEEN Kovan boot and mid-Merino wool socks for my cousin. Indeed what you mentioned in this article is true. To be more practical, I might as well go for the boot that uses for both condition-Snow and Hiking. It’s more functional and money saving for me.

    • Maxx,

      Most parents love the versatility of providing their children with a boot that can be used for hiking and for the snow! Like you stated, it will save you money and time!

  5. This article is what I need it as we are debating with my husband on the hiking shoes and snow boots all the time.
    He feels that we should use the hiking boots only when we to go hiking or camping as he feels they are not very comfortable. Of course, they are not ASICS sneakers (we love those for our 2-year old), but they are perfect when the weather out is wet and cold. Snow boots, on the other hand, are somewhat uncofortable and we only use it when there is snow. Or maybe they are just uncomfortable for two-year-olds…My son had SOREL and to be honest he didn’t seem comfortable with them. What do you think about this brand? This year we bought KAMIK and I feel they are much better choice.

    • Lena,

      I don’t review footwear that I haven’t fitted before because I like to make sure I only describe quality footwear that I am also familiar with how it fits. We don’t carry the Sorel brand but I have heard some positive and some negative things about this brand. I can tell you that Kamik makes some of the best snow boots for kids!

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