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The Best Water Shoes for Toddlers – Let’s Get Ready for Water Play!

Girl Water Shoes

Have you been looking for a pair of water shoes for your toddler? It’s important to know the difference between a waterproof shoe and a sandal, since they are unique but serve different purposes as well.

What is the main purpose of a water shoe?

It’s simple…

Water shoes provide your toddler with a barrier between their tender feet and hazards located in or around water.

This is how a water shoe looks like:

Water Shoes For Kids


This is how a sandal looks like:

Men Keen Sandals

The summer shoes that you choose to provide for your children will play a key role in keeping their feet and legs healthy. It’s during the summer season is when I have noticed that children develop more blisters, calluses, and even corns.

In addition, your toddler can wear a sandal for longer periods of time, since sandals offer more support and stability than water shoes. On the other hand, water shoes are meant to be worn for very short periods of time around areas with water (swimming pools, lakes, rivers, oceans), which are filled with potential dangers for a barefoot toddler.

Water shoes will prevent your toddler’s feet from:

  • Sharp and slippery rocks.
  • Jagged shells.
  • Broken glass or other trash that might be laying below water.
  • Hot sand.

The great advantage that water shoes provide against sandals is that they are very easy for kids to put on, they are lightweight, and they dry very fast. As I mentioned the main purpose of a water shoes is to protect your toddlers’ feet from getting blisters or cuts on their feet.

Water Shoes

There will be a stage when your toddlers are going to start trying to do things on their own. Sol, it’s important to provide them with a shoe that they will be able to put on and take off on their own.

Sometimes when your toddler’s feet are under water you can’t see what’s below their feet, and there could be rocks or any other sharp objects that might hurt their feet. Even in a swimming pool the floor could be scrapped and hurt your toddler’s feet.

Water shoes will prevent your toddlers’ feet from getting hurt and allow them to play in the water comfortably, but I don’t recommend wearing water shoes for longer periods of time since they don’t offer any support whatsoever. I usually tell parents to limit their kids to wear water shoes for no more than 5 to 6 hours a day.

There are different types of water shoes, and some of them are made from more comfortable and durable materials than others. Some water shoes are also easier to put on than others. I know which water shoes are better than others from actually fitting them myself.

I am an expert when it comes to fitting children’s shoes since I have been working for a specialized children’s shoe store for the last 10 years, specializing in children with foot and leg problems, but we provide regular shoe fittings well.

For the last 3 years I have been helping parents find the perfect pair of shoes for their children online.

I will provide you with a selection of the best water shoes for toddlers, but I want to show you first what features these water shoes will provide and how you can make sure you provide them with the correct size.

If you are thinking that your toddler needs a pair of sandals instead of a pair of water shoes, then take a look at an article I wrote called:

Kids Summer Shoes

Water Shoes for Toddlers – The Features

These are the features that the shoes I will describe below will provide for your child:

✅ Thick rubber sole: This feature will provide good traction and protection for kids during all aquatic adventures.

✅ Adjustable Velcro closure and heel pull tab: These two features make these water shoes a breeze to put on and take off.

✅ Quick-dry body:This feature will allow your toddler’s feet from drying quickly. Walking around in wet shoes can lead to several foot issues including blisters.

I am always explaining to parents that it doesn’t matter how many features a particular shoe style provides, if the shoes are not fitted properly, your toddler will not get any of the benefits that the shoes have to offer.

Let’s first make sure that you don’t have a good fitting children’s shoe store in your area. START by taking a look at a map I created where I describe the best fitting children’s shoe store by state:

The Best Kids’ Shoe Stores In The United States – Where To Go For Proper Fittings

If after looking at that map you still can’t seem to find a good fitting children’s shoe store in your area, then proceed to take a look at an article I created where I describe the simplest, yet most effective way to figure out your toddler’s foot size from home:

How To Measure Kids Shoe Size From Home – In Less Than 30 Seconds!

Now that you know what features a good water shoe must provide and how to make sure that you provide your toddler with the correct shoe size, we are ready to take a look at a selection of the best water shoes for toddlers.

The Best Water Shoes for Toddlers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I only review shoes that I have fitted before, since that is the only way for me to tell how well made the shoes are, the features that they provide, and how they fit.

You can find below a selection of the best water shoes for toddlers (these shoe styles will fit a toddler with medium, wide,

Additional Colors AvailableAdditional Colors AvailableAdditional Colors AvailableAdditional Colors AvailableAdditional Colors AvailableAdditional Colors AvailableAdditional Colors AvailableAdditional Colors AvailableAdditional Colors AvailableAdditional Colors AvailableAdditional Colors AvailableAdditional Colors Available

In order to allow for growing room, I highly recommend that parents order this shoe style a half a size larger than the size their children’s feet measure. This translates to 0.3 inches or 0.7 centimeters of space between your child’s longest toe and the end of the shoes.

The good news is that you can  leave growing room with these water shoe styles because they come with an adjustable strap either on the back or the front.

If you leave the correct amount of growing room your toddler will be able to wear these water shoes for the whole summer.

Please let me know if you are having trouble finding a particular shoe style for your toddler. I always explain to parents that it doesn’t matter how narrow or wide their kids’ feet are, there is always at least one particular shoe style out there that will fit the shape of their feet perfectly, and I will HELP YOU find it!

Allow your toddlers to have a great summer season by keeping their feet and legs healthy!

Have you tried any of these shoe styles before? Is there a particular water shoe style that you recommend? Please share your thoughts so other parents can benefit from your experiences.


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