Wide Soccer Shoes for Older Boys in Men’s Shoe Sizes – Men’s Sizes Available

Do you have a boy who already wears men’s sizes and can’t seem to find a single pair of wide soccer cleats? Most soccer cleats tend to run narrow, which can lead to foot problems such as blisters and impact your child’s performance. I am a shoe fitter who is here to help you find the perfect pair of soccer cleats to fit your child’s wide feet and high insteps. Some of the soccer cleats I will show you are available in wide widths while some others fit naturally wide and deep. I will also try to show you the most affordable styles as prices can double when you switch from kids to adult shoes.

Take Your Time to Find the Perfect Pair of Cleats!

I understand how frustrating it can be to spend hours and hours looking for shoes for your child to simply end up empty-handed. The issue is that soccer cleats that are too narrow can lead to blisters, ingrown toenails, and even long-term issues like plantar fasciitis or bunions. These consequences underscore the need for players, parents, and coaches to prioritize finding soccer shoes that accommodate the unique shape of the young athlete’s feet.

3 Key Features to Look for in Boys’ Wide Soccer Shoes

1️⃣ Soccer cleats with round toe-boxes are a better choice compared to pointy options, as they help prevent your child’s toes from rubbing or overlapping against one another or the side of the cleats. Below you can find an image of two soccer cleats that are the same shoe size but have very different toe-boxes. Do you notice how the blue New Balance soccer cleat has a rounder toe-box compared to the yellow Umbro style on the left?

New Balance navy blue soccer cleat with round toe-box for kids with wide feet vs Umbro soccer cleat with a narrow toe-box.

2️⃣ Look for cleats with extra depth, which is beneficial for boys with high insteps. Do you feel like your son always struggles to get the shoes on and off? That’s a sign that he might have high insteps. Some children complain that their shoes feel too tight on the top part of their feet, so finding deep cleats will increase comfort and prevent indentations on the top part of your child’s feet.

Soccer cleat with extra depth for kids with high insteps.

3️⃣ Soccer cleats made out of leather are ideal for children with wide feet, as it is a material that stretches and forms better to the shape of the player’s foot. Try to stay away from shoes made from synthetic materials as they often provide less give.

What Are the Best Shoe Brands for Soccer Cleats in Men’s Sizes?

I have two go-to shoe brands that manufacture wide soccer cleats in men’s sizes. You probably already heard of New Balance, which is one of the few brands with a reputation for accommodating a wider foot. They offer a variety of sizes, and their cleats are available in wide widths. However, certain New Balance cleats fit a lot wider than others and I am going to show you those models shortly.

My other go-to brand which is not as popular as New Balance is called Zephz. This shoe brand manufactures soccer cleats that are actually available in extra wide widths. I have fitted Zephz soccer cleats for children with extra wide feet and high insteps and they worked perfectly. There are also one or two Adidas models that are more suitable for wider feet.

It’s also wise to stay away from brands that are notoriously narrow, such as Nike or Under Armour, especially if you’re looking for shoes in youth sizes. While Nike offers exceptional gear, their footwear may not be the best option for athletes with wider feet.

How Do You Convert Boy’s Sizes to Men’s Shoe Sizes?

There is no difference between men’s and boy’s shoe sizes. For example, a boy’s shoe size 7 is the same as a men’s shoe size 7, and equivalent to a woman’s size 8 or 8½. 

Let’s Dig Into My Specific WIDE Soccer Cleat Recommendations

Take a look at the description below each soccer cleat to find out whether it’s available in wide or extra wide widths. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Each brand’s sizing can differ, and it’s critical to consult the specific sizing guide for the brand you’re considering. A size 9 in one brand could fit very differently from a size 9 in another. Common mistakes include buying shoes that are too big, thinking your boy will grow into them, or too small, expecting them to stretch out. Below each of the soccer cleats that I recommend you will find exactly what shoe size you should order to allow for the correct amount of growing room.

Fitting Tips & Tricks: How to Order the Correct Shoe Size Online

It doesn’t matter if you buy the widest cleat for your son, if you end up getting the cleats too short or too long then your child will be uncomfortable. You can use a free virtual shoe fitting service to make sure that your boy’s soccer shoes fit him just right.

By the way, before you allow your son to wear the cleats during games have him try the cleats at home with the same exact soccer socks he will be using on the field.

Contact Me for Specific Shoe Recommendations

I always try to cover everything when I create a specific resource about children’s shoes, but I get it, sometimes you’re left with more questions than answers. I have noticed that parents visit online forums to ask other families about recommendations, but they are still unsure about which shoes to buy. That’s where I come in. If you’re still circling the online stores with uncertainties or you just can’t find that “just right” pair, don’t sweat it. You can contact me through the comments section below or via email, and I will provide you with specific shoe recommendations.

There is a different resource I created that shows a list of everyday sneakers for boy’s in men’s shoe sizes in case your son also needs a pair of sneakers. The sneakers that I recommend in that resource can also fit wide feet.

A shoe that fits well will help your son maintain balance and agility, which are essential in soccer.