Fitting Children's Shoes

I have been working for a specialized children’s shoe store for over 10 years now, and we are one of the best children’s shoe stores in the country that specializes in fitting children with special foot needs, but we provide regular shoe fittings as well. I know which shoe styles and shoe brands are better than others from actually having fitted the shoes myself. Over the years I became familiar with the best toddler socks.

If your toddlers are walking barefoot around the house (as recommended for healthy foot development) they are going to need a pair of socks to protect their feet from the cold. I recommend socks that are seamless (they are great for children who struggle with “bumps & lumps”), and they should have grippers on the bottom to help your toddler with balance and prevent him/her from slipping and falling.

The Best Toddler Socks with Grippers

Grippers socks are only meant for walking barefoot around the house, they are not meant to be worn with shoes. The reason for this is that the grippers usually stick to the bottom of the shoe, preventing your toddler’s toes from freely moving, which can lead to the formation of blisters on your toddler’s toes.

The Best Toddler Non-Gripper Socks

If your toddler is already wearing shoes, let me show you a selection of the best fitting socks for toddlers. Keep in mind that these socks won’t have any grippers on the bottom for the reason mentioned above.

Non-grippers socks are for toddlers who are wearing shoes. Seamless socks are highly recommended for foot comfort and for toddlers who have sensitive feet, another name for this type of sock is hand linked seams.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are ever having trouble finding a particular shoe or sock style for your child.

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  1. I loved reading about the extra wide shoes. But with extra wide feet, we need socks that are wide around the ankles too. Any suggestions?

  2. I had no idea about gripper socks!!! This past week my 18 month old has decided he no longer wants to wear any of his shoes (except for a pair of Mickey Mouse sandals). I thought maybe the shoes were too tight, but he’s not even wanting to wear his “amphibian” shoes, I know they aren’t too tight, as I can see where his foot is in the shoe. I’ve never had this problem before- I’m at a loss as to what to do? I ran across your informative site for help! I purchased socks without grips but he didn’t even want to wear them with his shoes this morning!!
    I’m really bummed because all of his “nice” socks that match his outfits all have grips. I really cannot stand white socks lol!! It’s so hard to find “colored” socks without grips- that’s all Carter’s sells… I assume you sugguest for me to stop using grip socks with shoes all together??
    We do own a few pair of Jeffery’s socks- I have taken him the the children’s shoe store here in town, but the lady that owns it is rather rude and I would prefer not to deal with her.
    I did purchase a sizer off of amazon, so hopefully that will help!
    Thank you for the information you provide!! I’ve actually bookmarked your site on my phone!!!

    1. Hello Arlyn,

      Sorry about my late response but your comment was in my spam box for some reason. First, it doesn’t matter how much space there is in the front of the shoe, if the shoes are too narrow then you will have to replace them right away. Please make sure that the amphibian shoe style that he is wearing is wide enough.

      Do you know if his feet are narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide?

      At this point is better to leave fashion aside and go for what fits. I don’t recommend wearing gripper socks in the shoes because the grips stick to the bottom of the shoe and don’t allow your kids’ toes to freely move.
      Jeffery’s socks are great, and some styles are even seamless. Please let me know if this clarifies and again sorry for my late response.

  3. I honestly never knew that gripper socks should not be worn with shoes but gosh that makes a lot of sense! I love gripper socks! We have wood floors and my toddler is like Bambi on ice without a pair on.

    I have to agree with you about Jefferies socks! They are just the best! So durable too which is hard to find these days. I have two rough boys so not having to buy new socks every months is a huge plus!

    Great review!

    1. A lot of people are unaware about the consequences that wearing gripper socks can have in their children. The main issue is that it does not allow the foot to move,since the grippers sticks to the bottom of the shoe. This can also lead to blisters in the little toe. I am glad you found the post informative!

  4. Hi Juan,
    I didn’t know that these gripper socks existed. Would have been great for our little ones who were always running around barefoot on cold floor tiles. Now I know, I will get some for our grandchildren.
    Just out of interest, do you know if they existed 20 years ago or did I just miss them?
    Thanks for the info.

    1. Peter,

      Gripper socks were not around 20 years ago, that is probably the reason why you never heard of them. They are great for walking around the house since they allow the children to feel more stable and provide warmth and comfort.

  5. Interesting post on a well laid out page. Brief descriptions, good use of images, concise and to the point. Maybe too concise so i suggest you add some more information, in bullet points perhaps, to give the reader more information so they can decide for themselves. Not too many items profiled which is good as you don’t want to overwhelm potential customers.

    1. I will try to add more information for each sock to explain the advantages or disadvnatages of each. Thank you for the input.

  6. I am happy i came through one more post from your site because it answers my previous questions.I can say Amazon has a lot of great things and it acts as a bridge between the buyer and the seller.I have come across the toddler gripper socks and have worked well with my son.He is usually not a fan of wearing shoes in the house and this ones serves him well.Your post will act as a guide to many mothers out there.

    1. If your son loves to walk barefoot around the house, grippers socks will help him keep his feet warm and protected. I am glad you found the post informative!

  7. Wow a nice list of socks you have there, we tried the gripper socks and they worked really good for our son who had just started walking. But normally at home with all the heating in works we dont use socks for him as he tends to get really sweaty with socks on and then that means smelly feet, are there any socks which are breathable and helps him wear socks without worrying about sweat and smell that follows it?

  8. Thanks for the info. I believe I am passed the having toddlers “pre shoes” stage but I do still have a 3 1/2 year old.

    I use Amazon a lot and it is good to know that they have good deals on this sort of thing. I am glad I found your site and I am sure I’ll be back.

    Thanks Again,

    1. Stephen,

      I always do research beforehand to inform the customer about where they can purchase the item for the lowest price. Anytime you have a question about your children’s feet please ask and I will get back at you as soon as possible.