The Best Sandals for Kids – The Most Popular and Durable Kids Summer Shoe!

The sandals reviewed in this article are the best sandal for kids to wear during the summer season and summer activities such as summer camp. They provide good support and are lightweight and flexible at the same time. They are also durable and provide good traction, and most importantly, they can accommodate different foot shapes such as medium, wide, or extra wide feet.

The sandals that I describe below are the most durable and supportive ones, but they are lightweight and flexible at the same time. In addition, the sandals will provide good traction to reduce the likelihood of your child slipping and falling.

Two of the features that parents love the most about these sandals are how children can wear them for longer periods of time since they provide good everyday support, and they dry really quickly.

What Makes the Sandals that I Recommend the Best Sandals for Kids?

The sandals that I recommend are capable of accommodating different foot shapes as they provide round toe-boxes and extra depth:

➡️ Rounded Toe-Boxes: This feature prevents your child’s toes from rubbing against one another or the side of the sandals. Let me show you the difference between a sandal that comes with a round toe-box versus one that doesn’t. Do you notice how the sandal on the right has a much rounder toe-box compared to the sandal on the left?

➡️ Extra Depth: This feature allows your child’s feet to fit deeply inside the sandals and prevents the top part of your child’s feet (instep), from rubbing against the top part of the sandals. Let me show you the difference between a pair of sandals that provides extra depth versus one that doesn’t:

Best Sandals for Kids: 5 Additional Features

1️⃣ Substantial Outsoles: This feature minimizes the impact that your child’s feet take every time they come in contact with the ground:

2️⃣ Lightweight and Flexible: We want the sandals to be supportive, but lightweight and flexible at the same time so your child’s feet don’t get tired easily:

3️⃣ Traction: The sandal must provide good traction to prevent your child from falling, especially when walking on wet surfaces:

4️⃣ Oversized Openings: This feature makes it easier for children to get their sandals on and off:

5️⃣ Padded Heel Counter: The heel counter is the back part of the shoe, and it’s important for sandals to be well-padded to cushion your toddler’s feet and prevent blisters:

Below you can find a selection of the best sandals for kids. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

The Best Sandals for Kids

Take a look at the description below each sandal to find out whether that specific style can fit your child’s foot shape (narrow, medium, wide). Many of the sandals featured below come in several color options, so if your child likes a specific model, please make sure to click through and see if they have the desired color.

How to Retrieve Your Child’s Exact Foot Length and Shape

If you want to be 100% sure about what shoe size to order online, I suggest that you follow the instructions in a different resource I created.

I decided to recreate the most important questions that parents have asked me about these sandal styles:

1️⃣ What type of foot do these sandals fit?

These sandals are capable of fitting a child with narrow, medium, or wide feet.

2️⃣ Can these sandals fit children with high insteps?

These sandals will fit a child with a high instep as they provide extra depth and a rounder toe-box.

3️⃣ Do these sandals provide arch support?

Yes, these sandals provide good arch support.

4️⃣ Are these sandals durable?

Yes, your child is going to outgrow these sandals before they wear them out.

5️⃣ Are these sandals available in different colors?

Yes, these sandals are available in several different colors.

6️⃣ Can I put these sandals in the washing machine?

Yes, all of these sandals are machine washable.

7️⃣ Do these sandals provide good traction?

These sandals provide excellent traction.

8️⃣ Are these sandals easy to put on?

Yes, these sandals are easy to put on since they open up widely.

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If none of these sandals are available in your child’s shoe size or if you need the sandals to be made of a specific color don’t hesitate to email me at:

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Have you tried a specific sandal that worked well for your child’s feet? Share your findings below so other parents can benefit from your experiences.