Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids – Flat Outsoles for Good Traction and Prevent Ankle Injuries

Did you sign up your child for indoor soccer and you want to make sure that he/she wears the correct types of shoes? The shoes that your child wears on the field can make or break your child’s experience; choose the wrong one and you may put your child at higher risk for injury, or at least discomfort. The best indoor soccer shoes for kids have grip patterns to prevent slipping and flat outsoles to provide a stable base of support and help prevent ankle injuries.

Indoor soccer is a fast-paced and high-intensity sport that requires a lot of sudden stops, cutting and turning, so you want your child’s shoes to have flat outsoles so the feet have close contact with the floor.

Can Your Child Wear His/Her Current Running Shoes to Indoor Soccer Games?

This is a question that your child’s soccer coach will be able to answer, but I don’t suggest wearing running shoes for playing indoor soccer as they are unstable on artificial turf. Running shoes are made to move forward and your child will feel unstable when cutting, turning or balancing on one leg to take a shot. If you grab a pair of indoor soccer shoes and inspect the outsoles, you will notice how the bottoms have a gum-rubber, non-marking flat outsole which helps provide excellent grip and agility on the court.

Do the Indoor Soccer Shoes that I Recommend Work on Different Surfaces?

Indoor soccer fields can have different types of surfaces such as carpet-like AstroTurf or artificial field turf. The indoor soccer shoes that I will show you shortly work in all types of surfaces but if your child will play in field turf, a turf indoor soccer shoe will work best.

What Makes the Indoor Soccer Shoes that I Recommend the Best Choice for Kids?

1️⃣ Flat outsoles to provide a stable base of support and help prevent ankle injuries.

2️⃣ Gum-rubber and non-marking outsoles help provide children with the best grip and agility on the court.

3️⃣ Specially designed uppers to provide your child with a better touch on the ball.

4️⃣ Extra padding and cushion around heels to prevent the formation of blisters.

5️⃣ Lace up closure helps provide more stability and a secure feel.

What Is the Best Material for Indoor Soccer Shoes?

The indoor soccer shoes that I recommend below have specially designed uppers to provide your child with a better touch on the ball. Some shoe uppers are made of synthetic and natural materials, including leather, calfskin and kangaroo skin, which assist in gripping for better ball control.

Does Your Child Happen to Have Wide or Extra Wide Feet?

It can be challenging to find wide indoor soccer shoes for children. New Balance is one of the few shoe brands that manufactures indoor soccer shoes in wide widths (W), but there are other shoe brands that use special materials to make their shoes more accommodating. 

If your child happens to have wide or extra wide feet, I suggest that you visit this resource.

Make sure that you take a look at the description below each indoor soccer shoe that I recommend to find out the materials the shoes are made of, as well as the size you should order to provide your child with the correct amount of growing room. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases. This allows us to create free content and resources for many families around the world. 

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids – Good Traction and Fit Different Foot Shapes

These indoor soccer shoes have everything your child needs to perform comfortably on the indoor soccer field. They are lightweight, flexible, provide excellent traction, and can accommodate different foot shapes.

What Shoe Size Should You Order?

Your child’s indoor soccer shoes have a certain amount of growing room (the longest toe shouldn’t touch the end of the shoes), but they should also fit snugly to help reduce the injury potential for wearing a shoe that is too big for their foot. Take a look at the last bullet point below the descriptions of the shoes to find out what shoe size you should order.

How to Retrieve Your Child’s Exact Foot Length and Shape

I created a free resource that describes the simplest, yet most effective way to figure out your child’s foot size and shape from home.

What Socks Should Your Child Wear with Their Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Certain soccer socks provide targeted cushioning below the foot for shock absorption, which will help reduce the friction between the foot and the cleat. The right type of soccer socks can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting your kids’ feet on the field.

There are only certain soccer socks that provide cushion to targeted areas of the feet, and this will prevent your child from developing foot issues. Below you can find a selection of the best soccer socks for kids with wide feet:

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you are unsure about which specific indoor soccer shoe will work best for your child’s foot shape or foot condition you can ask your questions in the comments section below or contact me directly via email:

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