Fitting Children's Shoes

See Kai Run Adaptable Shoes for Children Who Wear Orthotics – Long Straps, Extra Deep, and Wider Openings!

Does your child wear orthotics and are you having a hard time finding shoes that can accommodate the orthotic insert? Has your doctor, friend, or family member recommended that you try shoes by See Kai Run but you are unsure about which specific models might work best for your child’s orthotics? There are certain See […]

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Adaptable Shoes for Kids Who Wear Orthotics – Extra Deep and Wider Openings

Have you been looking for a pair of adaptable shoes to accommodate your child’s orthotics or foot condition? Do you feel like you try several different shoe brands and shoe styles but none of them are capable of accommodating your child’s orthotics? I have put together a list of the best adaptable shoes for kids […]

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