Fitting Children's Shoes

Classic White Leather Booties for Toddlers with Wide Feet – Stylish and Functional

Are you looking for a pair of traditional white lace-up leather booties for your toddler? Do you also need the booties to be capable of accommodating your toddler’s wide feet? The white leather booties that I have in mind and have fitted before at the shoe store where I work are designed with wide or […]

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High Top Shoes for Babies with Foot Issues – Supportive, Lightweight, and Flexible!

Do you have a baby with a foot condition that requires him/her to wear supportive shoes? Is your baby having stability issues and falling? If your medical professional recommends that your baby wears a pair of high top shoes but didn’t specify which specific models to get, I will show you a list of the best high […]

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Supportive Ankle Booties for Toddlers – Improve Foot Posture and Walking Gait

Did your medical professional recommend that your toddler wear a pair of ankle booties that provide good ankle support? Is your toddler dealing with a moderate to strong degree of pronation from a foot condition such as flat feet, rolled/weak ankles, or low muscle tone? There is a very small selection of supportive ankle booties […]

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