Fitting Children's Shoes

Sandals for Hypermobility – Extra Arch and Heel Support!

Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with hypermobility? Have you been wondering what type of shoes your child should wear during the summer season? After creating a resource that describes the best everyday sneakers for children with hypermobility, several families started asking me to create a similar one describing the best sandals […]

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Best Orthotics for Hypermobility – Improve Your Child’s Stability and Reduce Fatigue and Pain!

Has your child been diagnosed with hypermobility leading your medical professional to recommend that he/she wear orthotics inside their shoes? Children with hypermobility tend to have stability issues and experience fatigue, foot pain, and leg pain. Several studies have shown that about 10% – 15% of children have hypermobile joints. The best orthotics for hypermobility […]

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The Best Shoes for Kids with Hypermobility – Extra Arch and Ankle Support!

Has your child been diagnosed with hypermobility (HJS)? This condition is also referred to as “loose joints” and can cause foot, leg, and lower back pain as well as discomfort after exercising or having an active day. The feet are the most significantly affected area for hypermobile children, due to their complex mixture of bones […]

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