Fitting Children's Shoes

Newborn Crochet Booties – Protect Your Baby’s Feet From the Cold!

Your baby’s toes are constantly in action, wiggling and grasping, inside or outside the shoe, which is nature’s way of developing strength for their feet through exercise. Therefore, parents must never allow shoes or socks to interfere with this toe-wiggling. Until the child begins to walk, that toe action is virtually the only exercise the foot will […]

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Robeez Baby Shoes – Shoes or No Shoes?

Have you been looking for a pair of Robeez shoes for your baby? Do you know what Robeez shoes are and what their main purpose is? Robeez are a leather covering for a baby’s foot. The covering allows babies to feel the floor with their toes through the leather sole, helping them gain their balance. When […]

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