Fitting Children's Shoes

How to Check if Your Kids’ Shoes Provide Good Support? – Follow These 3 Steps

As a shoe fitter with years of experience measuring children’s feet and fitting children’s shoes, I understand the importance of supportive shoes for children with foot conditions. The correct types of shoes can be life-changing. I work closely with pediatric orthopedic specialists and foot issues in kids can lead to potential discomfort and alignment issues. […]

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Supportive Shoes for Kids – Substantial Outsoles, Firm Heel Counters, and Straight Lasts!

Has your child been diagnosed with a foot condition and has your medical professional recommended that your child wears a pair of supportive shoes? Are you having a hard time finding a pair of supportive shoes that are also capable of accommodating your child’s exact foot shape? Unfortunately, there are only a few shoe brands […]

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