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Hello everyone!  My name is Juan Valenzuela and I have been fitting children shoes and orthotics for eight years.

I work for a premiere children’s shoe store that’s been in business for over 40 years, where I see hundreds of children’s feet each week. My coworkers, some with over thirty years experience, have taught me that every child presents a new challenge and the importance of keeping an open mind. As a fitter, my mission is to provide your child with the best fit possible.

I created this site primarily to provide an effective platform to showcase the benefits and limitations of properly and improperly fitted shoes among children. Bones in children are not entirely developed. If a shoe is not properly fitted, then the body’s biomechanics can be altered. Therefore my webpage is primarily an advisory or a recommendation on effective care for children’s feet. I will achieve this through sharing my personal experience based on everything that I have learned over the years.

The fact that I work for a store where I do not get paid commission or receive any incentives allows me to focus on providing the customer with the best fit possible. Why am I emphasizing the importance of fitted shoes? Children that wear improperly fitted shoes suffer severe foot, knee and back problems. To avoid problems with bunions, blisters, calluses, painful tendonitis and even inflammation of the growth centers of the bones, proper fit is imperative.

Parents need to understand that not all children can wear all shoes. With my years of experience fitting shoes, I can tell when a child walking by me has had their shoes fitted properly. I always recommend that parents take their children to be fitted properly at their local sit and fit store, because that is the only way to guarantee a correct pair of shoes. However, many department store employees work on commission. Their primary goal is to make a sale. So please take this in to consideration when you shop. Independent stores will usually have the most experienced shoe fitters while department stores will usually have salespeople. If you do not have a children shoe store you TRUST, I am going to provide you with a set of guidelines that will hopefully ensure that the your child’s feet and the shoes are a match.



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