Best Basketball Shoes for Boys – Supportive, Lightweight, and Durable!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get at the shoe store that I work for is “What are the best basketball shoes for boys?” I’m very happy to share my answer, of course, as over the last 10 years, I have fitted many different children’s shoe brands and styles. Certain basketball shoes provide better support and protect the child’s feet by providing targeted support right below the heel area, and those are the styles that I will describe in this article.

Find Out Why Your Kids’ Basketball Shoes Should Provide Good Support

Children who play basketball are constantly jumping and running back and forth on the hard resilient court floor, and their growth plates are vulnerable to injury and overuse.

You should provide your child with a pair of basketball shoes that provide good support to minimize the impact that your kids’ feet take when they come in contact with the ground.

Fitting your child in the correct type of basketball shoes can help prevent ankle sprains, Sever’s disease, patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee), and other foot problems.

Those of you who visit my website frequently might already know that I only review shoes that I have fitted before. I have fitted my fair share of children’s basketball shoes in the past, so over the years, I became familiar with which styles provide better support and a better fit than others.


If you’re pressed for time, you can jump directly to the selection of the best basketball shoes for boys.

Some children choose their basketball shoes based on their favorite basketball players, and once they have their eye on a specific style it will be hard to convince them otherwise. This is fine, as long as the shoes provide the correct amount of support and fit the shape of your child’s feet correctly.

What Are the Best Basketball Shoe Brands for Children?

Choosing your kids’ shoes based on a specific shoe brand can be tricky. I don’t usually like to recommend specific shoe brands as there are certain shoes among each shoe brand that work a lot better than others.

Many parents make the common mistake of assuming that once I recommend a specific shoe brand (New Balance, Saucony, or Adidas), all shoes from those brands will be a good choice for their child’s feet.

What Makes the Basketball Shoes that I Recommend Ideal for Boys?

There are several different basketball shoes for boys which means that it can be challenging to choose the best ones for your child. The basketball shoes that I recommend provide 3 awesome features:

1️⃣ Supportive Outsole

The supportive outsoles and extra cushion of the shoes will help protect your child’s feet and minimize the impact that your kids’ feet take when they come in contact with the hard resilient court floor.

Let’s take a look at an image to better visualize the difference in support between two basketball shoes. I will provide you with a link to the basketball shoe on the right shortly.


2️⃣ Firm Heel Counters with Extra Padding

The basketball shoes that I recommend provide extra padding right below the heels area to protect and support your child’s heels. Let me show you the difference between one of the basketball shoes that I recommend and a different style. Do you notice how the basketball shoe on the right has a lot more padding below the heel area compared to the basketball shoe on the left?


3️⃣ Excellent traction

Basketball shoes that provide good traction allow your child to make sudden stops and quick direction changes without slipping.

Do the Basketball Shoes that I Recommend Fit Wide or Extra Wide Feet?

Yes, some of the basketball shoes that I recommend are capable of fitting children with wide or extra wide feet. I suggest that you take a look at the description for each of the shoes that I recommend to find out whether they can accommodate your child’s foot shape (narrow, medium, wide, extra wide, high instep).

Best Basketball Shoes for Boys

Find out what features each basketball shoe provides and what shoe size you should order by reading the description below each shoe. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Lace-up or Velcro Closure?

If your son is not ready to learn how to tie his shoes yet there are two options under my basketball shoe recommendations that provide velcro closure instead of shoelaces. Just keep in mind that shoes with shoelaces provide better support and stability compared to shoes with velcro closure.

The basketball shoes that I recommended are not the most affordable styles, but they provide excellent support, traction, and they provide extra padding around key areas of the foot (such as the heels) to prevent the formation of blisters.

Are the Basketball Shoes that I Recommend Durable?

How many times has your child destroyed his basketball shoes before he was ready to outgrow them?

I have seen children destroy their basketball shoes after only 2 or 3 months. The two most common reasons why this happens are that the shoes you are buying might be made from low-quality materials or the shoes are not fitted properly. Shoes that are fitted too short or too long are a direct cause of why the shoes fall apart faster.

Find Out How to Order the Correct Shoe Size Online

Many families order the same shoe in multiple sizes as they are unsure about what their child’s foot size is. It’s probably wise to order two shoe sizes of the same shoe just to be on the safe side, but you don’t have to order multiple pairs hoping that one will fit. 

I created a virtual fitting service for those families who don’t have a good specialized children’s shoe store in their area where they can take their children to be properly measured and fitted for shoes.

Make Sure that You Tie Your Kids’ Basketball Shoes Securely!

Shoes that are properly tied help provide better support and stability.

When children play sports in untied shoes they become more prone to falls and injuries. I suggest that you double knot your son’s shoes (if he doesn’t know how to tie his shoes yet) before practices and games.

Does Your Child Have a “Complicated” Foot Shape?

If you are having a hard time deciding which basketball shoes might work best for your child’s foot shape you can ask your question in the comments section below or send me an email to:

[email protected]

Keep in mind that children’s feet come in all different shapes and sizes, and when children have narrow or extra wide feet it can be a lot more challenging to find shoes that fit properly.

What Are Some Good Basketball Socks for Kids?

Basketball socks play a key role as they cushion the child’s feet in targeted areas of the feet to prevent the constant friction between the court and the shoes.

There are specific basketball socks that provide better cushioning and breathability. If your child doesn’t have a pair of basketball socks yet, you should refer to the selection below as they are the best basketball socks for kids in terms of comfort, quality, and fit.

Are High Top Shoes Better than Regular Sneakers for Playing Basketball?

Shoes that come higher up the ankle provide a little more protection compared to regular sneakers.

Ask your coach whether your son should wear actual basketball shoes to his games and practices. Depending on the level of competition basketball shoes might be optional or mandatory.

Do you have a favorite shoe brand or have you tried a specific basketball shoe that worked well for your son’s feet? Let us know about your findings in the comments section below so other families can benefit from your experiences!