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Best European Shoe Brands for Kids – The Top 5 Most Comfortable, Durable, and Stylish Brands!


I have been working at a specialized children’s shoe store for over a decade now, where we focus on helping children with “complicated” foot shapes and foot conditions, but we provide regular shoe fittings as well. As a professional shoe fitter, I handle approximately 100 shoe fittings/try-ons per week. After having tested several different shoe brands and styles, I have become familiar with the best European shoe brands for kids.

The shoe store that I work for is located in the United States, but we carry shoe brands from several different countries. Many families who visit the shoe store request for their children to be fitted in European shoes. Sometimes they have a specific shoe brand in mind, while some other times they simply request any shoe as long as it’s European-made.

Many European shoe brands are dedicated to promoting the natural and correct development of children’s feet, so parents want that peace of mind that their children are wearing shoes that promote healthy foot development.

Why Choose European Shoes for Your Child?

Most European shoes are made from high-quality leather, soft lining, and manufactured with meticulous attention to detail. They are also made with carefully selected lightweight materials and provide targeted support below the heels to absorb the micro-shocks normally experienced when walking.

Did you know that in Europe kids’ shoes are regarded as “health products” rather than fashion items? This is the main reason why European shoes are made to the highest quality standards imposed by European manufacturing.

Are European Children’s Shoes More Expensive?

Not necessarily. Most models I recommend retail for the same price as other shoes made in the USA, China, or Vietnam.

I will show you the top 5 European shoe brands for kids and their most popular models among each shoe brand. All of the European shoe brands below provide excellent support without restricting movement.

Best European Shoe Brands for Kids

Established children’s shoe brands manufacture their shoes according to the foot itself. This requires a lot of expertise and experience. For more than forty years these shoe brands have been working to develop safe and comfortable shoes for children:

1️⃣ Primigi

This is a historic shoe brand that has been manufacturing children’s shoes since 1976 and the shoes are predominantly made in Italy.

This shoe brand has an in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of each age group, and all shoes have been designed down to the very last detail to ensure they are comfortable, lightweight, breathable and durable.

I have put together a list of the most popular Primigi children’s shoes that I have fitted before. Keep in mind that Primigi shoes are capable of fitting children with narrow, medium, or wide feet, but they won’t fit children with extra wide feet.

2️⃣ Naturino

This shoe brand was founded in 1974 and the shoes are manufactured in Italy. Comfort is the outstanding feature of every collection, designed with the wellness of children of all ages in mind.

Below you can find a list of the most popular Naturino children’s shoes that I have fitted before. Naturino shoes are capable of fitting children with narrow or medium width feet, but they won’t fit children with wide or extra wide feet.

3️⃣ Geox

Geox is an Italian shoe brand that has manufacturing plants in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, Macedonia and – Serbia. Most people believe that what makes Geox’s children’s shoes stand out is the breathable sole. I actually love how the shoes provide good support while being lightweight and flexible at the same time. The shoes are also extremely durable, and most children grow out of the shoes before destroying them.

4️⃣ Cienta

Cienta is a family-owned company that was founded in 1982 and specializes in creating high-quality vulcanized footwear for children.

This shoe company is dedicated to promoting the natural and correct development of children’s feet, and the entire production and design process of their shoes is centered on quality and comfort. Cienta manufactures shoes using only natural materials and the most advanced technology.

5️⃣ Clarks

Originally founded in 1825, Clarks used to manufacture its kids’ shoes in England, Somerset. The company now has factories in China, India, Brazil and Vietnam.

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