Best House Shoes for AFOs – Wearing Supportive Shoes at Home

Are you looking for comfortable and practical house shoes for your child who wears Ankle-Foot Orthoses (AFOs)? It is very important for your child to wear comfortable shoes at home, especially if your child has foot issues and wears AFOs. Note, that there are regular shoes that will work well with your child’s AFOs, however, before we delve into the selection of the best house shoes for AFOs, I would like to go over some key information that will hopefully provide you with further insights and steer you on the right path. I truly believe that knowledge is power, being better informed will enable you to make better decisions.

What Are Ankle-foot Orthoses (AFOs) and What Are They Used For?

Ankle-Foot Orthoses, more frequently known as AFOs, are among the most commonly prescribed lower limb orthoses. They can be custom-made for children and they usually encompass the foot, ankle, and leg, finishing just below the knee, although not in all cases.

AFOs are made to treat a variety of factors and conditions, including joint instability, muscle weakness, and high muscle tone. One of the main purposes of wearing an AFO is to provide stability, but if your child wears shoes that are too large you will be defeating the whole purpose of wearing the AFO.

Kindly note that if you are in a rush you are welcome to go directly to the selection of the best house shoes for AFOs.

Simply because you find a shoe that fits over the AFO it doesn’t mean that they are the best option for your child’s feet. I also want to point out that allowing your child to walk around in shoes that are too large might compromise your child’s stability and make your child more prone to falling.

What Types of Shoes Should Children Wear As Their House Shoes for AFOs?

The most important piece of footwear for a child who wears AFOs is everyday sneakers, as they are the most effective and comfortable. With that said, most families prefer to provide their children with indoor shoes that have oversized openings and are easy to get on and off such as slip-on shoes or sandals.

For example, there are certain slip-on shoes that have oversized openings and provide good traction to be worn inside the house:

The same applies to certain sandals:

The wait is over. The shoes I recommend below are the ones that work best for AFOs. Some models are available in wide (W) and extra wide (XW) widths and all have removable insoles (except the sandals). Disclosure: Note that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases, this allows us to create free content and resources.

Best House Shoes for AFOs – Wearing Supportive Shoes at Home

Make sure that you click on the specific model that you like (no matter if it’s a boy’s or girl’s color) as the shoe is probably available in many different colors.

While these indoor shoes have worked really well for most children who wear AFOs, there is no guarantee that they will work well for your child’s feet and AFOs. Our feet are like snowfalls, no two are alike.

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Tips and Recommendations for Wearing AFOs at Home

➡️ On How to Fit AFOs

  • I suggest that your child wears knee-high cotton socks under the AFOs as this can reduce the constant rubbing. 
  • If your child has an AFO for each foot, make sure that you are putting them on the correct feet. 
  • Make sure to fasten the ankle strap firmly, then the calf strap. Also, ensure that all the straps are fastened securely. Thereafter, your child’s shoe can be worn over the orthoses.

➡️ On How to Remove AFOs

Don’t forget to check your child’s skin when you remove their AFO. I say this because AFOs can cause a slightly red line around the edge of the orthosis, but this should usually disappear within half an hour approximately. Note, if your child has any pain or skin marks that do not disappear within half an hour or they develop blisters, please contact your medical professional at the earliest to make sure they can promptly evaluate the situation and advise accordingly. 

➡️ On Care Instructions for AFOs

Bear in mind that the AFOs should be cleaned regularly by wiping them with a damp cloth and soapy water. Once the AFOs are clean, they should be completely dry before being reapplied. Please refrain from using direct sunlight or a hair dryer and tumble dryer to dry your AFOs.

How to Order the Correct Size for Your Child’s AFOs?

With accurate measurements of your child’s feet and AFO footplate, you’ll have a reliable reference point for shopping online. One of the most important features that both the shoes and AFOs need to have is that they must fit the shape of your child’s feet perfectly.

Quality measurements begin with expert consultation, so you should start by following the 3 steps outlined in a different resource I created.

Additional Resources for Children Who Wear AFOs

If you are looking for additional information or recommendations on shoes for children who wear AFOs, you are in luck. Over the years, I created several different resources such as the best sneakers and sandals for children who wear AFOs.

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