Best Wide Shoes for Kids in Canada – Local Brands with a Focus on Comfort and Fit

Does your child have wide feet and are you having a hard time finding the correct types of shoes in Canada? When it comes to finding the appropriate shoes for kids with wide feet, it may be challenging to find a good local store. Fortunately, I am a professional shoe fitter and I have also done my research to find local brands that prioritize both comfort and fit. In this post, we will delve into the best wide shoes for kids in Canada, spotlighting local brands that garnered praise for their commitment to comfort, fit, and quality.

My commitment and dedication to excellent customer service goes beyond mere transactions. It is deeply rooted in my understanding of the significant role that shoes play in shaping a child’s comfort, confidence and overall well-being through the choice of the appropriate footwear. I truly believe that the correct type of shoes can be life-changing. That is the main reason why I created this website, to help families from all over the world find the perfect pair of shoes for their feet. Children’s feet are constantly developing, and what happens to their feet during their childhood will affect their physique as they grow older.

What Features to Look For in Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet?

Parents need to keep in mind that shoes are available in different widths such as medium (M), wide (W), and extra wide (XW). However, one of the most common mistakes that I see parents make is to assume that once they find a shoe that is labeled as wide (W) or extra wide (XW), that shoe will automatically fit the shape of their kids’ wide feet. There are actually 2 other key features that your kids’ shoes must provide:

➡️ Rounder Toe-Boxes:  The front part of the shoe (the toe-box), can be either rounded or pointy, and this directly affects how the shoe fits the shape of your child’s feet.


➡️ Extra Depth: Deeper shoes allow the child’s feet to fit deeply inside the shoes and prevent the top part of the child’s feet (instep), from rubbing against the top part of the shoes.

Notable Canadian Shoe Brands Also Available Online

Based on my experience, the main Canadian shoe brands that manufacture high-quality and supportive shoes for children are the ones listed below. It’s important to highlight that not all shoes manufactured by these shoe brands provide the same levels of support.

1️⃣ Stonz: This renowned brand focuses on versatile weather resistant shoes for kids, including everyday sneakers.

2️⃣ Robeez: This brand is famous for its soft-soled baby and toddler shoes that are designed to provide flexibility and comfort for growing feet. They offer a variety of cute and stylish designs suitable for babies and toddlers.

3️⃣ Kamik: This shoe brand is primarily known for its durable and functional winter boots for children, but provides high-quality sandals as well.

4️⃣ Native Shoes: This brand is regarded by many for its lightweight, comfortable, and stylish shoes made from innovative and sustainable materials and with a focus on casual and active footwear.

In a world where children’s footwear choices are expanding, these Canadian brands stand out for their dedication to local craftsmanship and outstanding quality in their shoes. With that said, the list of shoes I have put together also includes shoes from popular shoe brands that you might have heard of before such as New Balance, See Kai Run, Tsukihoshi, and Saucony, as they are great choices for children with wide feet.

Best Kids Shoes for Wide Feet in Canada – Round Toe-Boxes and Extra Depth

Take a look at each description below to find out whether the shoe is available in your kid’s foot shape (medium, wide, extra wide). Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

How to Get Your Kid’s Shoe Size Right and Order Their Shoes Online

I developed the most effective way to determine your child’s exact foot size from your home and will personally assist you with a custom fitting tailored to your child’s individual needs. This easy-to-follow 3-step method allows parents to accurately determine:

➡️ The correct length, width (narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide), and instep height

➡️ Identify possible foot conditions such as flat feet or misaligned heels

1️⃣ Step 1: Measuring Your Child’s Exact Foot Length:

➡️ Make sure that your child is standing straight, and then place a measuring tape or ruler below your child’s heels. You must measure your child’s feet while standing, as on weight-bearing the foot becomes longer. 

➡️ Measure both feet up to the tip of your child’s longest toe (make sure that your child is not curling his/her toes). You must measure both feet since there is always one foot that is bigger than the other. Keep in mind that your child’s longest toe doesn’t necessarily have to be the big toe — it may in fact be the second or even the third toe.

➡️ Make a note of that measurement in centimeters or inches or email me the image showing the measurements (such as you see below) to avoid confusion with the measurements.

Measurement Box

2️⃣ Step 2: Pictures of Your Child’s Foot Width:

The pictures below will help me determine whether your child has narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet. Also, the pictures will help me see whether your child has a high instep and additional information such as whether your child has flat feet or not. Below you can find examples of how the pictures should look like:

Angle Box
Angle Box
Angle Box

3️⃣ Step 3: Prepare and Send the E-mail to: [email protected]

What to Include in the email:

➡️ Your child’s foot length measurements (or an image of their foot length measurements)

➡️ Three images of your child’s feet (see example images above)

➡️ The country you live in case you need specific shoe recommendations

Do not hesitate to include in your email any additional information I should know about your child’s feet. Thereafter, you will receive a response within 24 hours with your child’s exact foot length, shape, and specific shoe recommendations as needed.

Is This Service Free?

Yes, this service is completely free. My dedication to assisting families find the right shoes goes beyond just creating content and monetizing. I truly believe that the correct type of shoes can be life-changing. Children’s feet are constantly developing, and what happens to their feet during their childhood will affect their physique as they grow older. 

Thank you so much for reading! Let us know in the comments section below if you have a different shoe brand you can recommend for children with wide feet that is available in Canada.