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Can Your Daughter Wear Women’s Shoe Sizes? – Find Out the Last Girl’s Shoe Size


Are your daughter’s feet getting too big to shop in the kids’ shoe department? Are you wondering whether you should keep buying children’s shoes or move to women’s shoes to access a larger selection of shoes? This all depends on your daughter’s current foot size, but just to give you some perspective, you can start shopping in the women’s shoe section as soon as your daughter reaches a kids’ shoe size 3 1/2.

I have been fitting children’s shoes for many years, and most families decide to buy their girls women’s shoe sizes once they reach a kids’ shoe size 6 or above, as that’s when the kids’ shoe selection gets very small. With that said, you don’t need to buy women’s shoes until your daughter wears a kids’ shoe size larger than a size 7.

What is the Last Kid’ Shoe Size for Girls?

The last kids’ shoe size for girls is a size 7, and for the next size up you will have to order a women’s shoe size 9 instead of a size 7.5. I know this might sound confusing, but there is a 1.5 shoe size difference between women’s and girls’ shoe sizes.

Take a look at the table below as it will help you better visualize how this shoe size conversion works:


Is Your Daughter’s Shoe Size Larger than a Kids’ Shoe Size 3.5?

If your daughter wears a kids’ shoe size 3.5 or larger you can already start buying women’s shoes, as most women’s shoes start at a shoe size 5. However, I don’t really recommend doing this since you will end up paying more (sometimes even double) than the price that you would pay for the kids’ version of the shoes.

Is the Kids’ Selection of Shoes Getting too Small for Your Daughter?

One of the most common reasons why parents decide to start looking for women’s shoes is when children complain that they can’t find any “stylish” shoes in their sizes. I usually suggest shopping for children’s shoes at your local shoe store, but for older children is very common to go online as that opens up a larger selection of shoes.

To safely buy your girl’s shoes online you must first be 100% sure of your daughter’s foot shape and length. If you are unsure of your child’s exact foot length and shape, you should take a look at a free resource that I created that will help you determine your child’s foot shape in two simple steps:

How to Measure Your Kids’ Foot – 2 Simple Steps to Determine Foot Length and Foot Width

Need Helping Finding a Specific Pair of Shoes for Your Daughter?

I have been working at a specialized children’s shoe store for almost 10 years now, and over the years I became familiar with the best shoe brands and styles. I also know which shoe companies manufacture stylish and fashionable shoes in larger sizes.

If you are having a hard time finding a specific pair of shoes for your daughter you can ask your questions in the comments section below or contact me via email:


In the meantime, I have put together a list of the best shoes for girls who wear larger shoe sizes, that way you won’t have to move to women’s shoe sizes just yet and save some money.

Best Shoes for Girls in Big Kid Sizes – These Shoes Go Up to a Big Kid Size 7!

Take a look at the description below each shoe to find out whether it’s capable of accommodating your daughter’s foot shape (narrow, medium, wide, extra wide). Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

The list below showcases sneakers, boots, sandals, and dress shoes, and most shoes are available in a big kid size 7.

Helpful Resources for Children in Adult Shoe Sizes

I created a couple of resources that I believe you might find helpful if your child is already wearing men’s or women’s shoe sizes:

Girls in Women’s Shoe Sizes – The Best Shoes for Girls with Large Feet!

Boys in Men’s Shoe Sizes – The Best Shoes for Your Child with Large Feet!

Has your daughter been asking you to get her shoes in adult sizes? Have you found a specific shoe brand or style that she loves? Share your favorite shoe recommendations below so other families can benefit as well!


I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.

Do You Buy Your Kids’ Shoes Online?

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