Fitting Children's Shoes

Find Out the Degree of Pronation of Your Child – These Shoes Can Significantly Realign Your Child’s Feet!

I want to start by telling parents that pronation in children is normal. We all have a certain degree of pronation, the issue arises when that pronation becomes excessive, usually referred to as overpronation. Usually, when children experience overpronation their foot muscles are shifted in an inefficient position and that’s when we would get concerned about […]

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Best Shoes for Kids with Strong Pronation – Improve Foot Posture and Prevent Foot Pain

Has your medical professional diagnosed your child with severe flat feet? Has your child been complaining about foot or leg pain? Children with flat feet or other foot conditions can experience different levels of pronation, and depending on the degree of your child’s pronation, your child might need to wear supportive shoes and/or orthotics. Certain […]

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Best Orthotics for Kids with Mild Pronation – Prevent Your Kids’ Feet from Rolling Inwards

Have you noticed your child standing and walking differently lately? Have you taken your child to your medical professional and was diagnosed with mild pronation? There are three different degrees of pronation: Is Pronation Common in Children? It’s important to keep in mind that pronation is common. We all have a certain degree of pronation, […]

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