How to Measure Foot Width – Does Your Child Has Narrow, Medium, Wide, or Extra Wide Feet?

I have been amazed by the large number of parents who don’t know their child’s exact foot shape. Most of these parents have older children who have been wearing shoes for a long time, and it’s quite shocking to me that they have been providing their children with shoes without knowing their actual foot width. Let me put it plain and simple: You can’t possibly be getting your child the correct shoe size if you don’t know your child’s exact foot width. I am going to show you how to measure foot width based on my many years of shoe fitting experience.

Children’s feet come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and range from narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide. I have fitted thousands of children from their first pair of shoes to their teenage years. I can tell whether a child has narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet by simply looking at their feet and the same applies to their instep height.

Do You Know If Your Child Has a High Instep?

Some children also have high insteps. The instep is the top part of the foot, and when it’s high it can take up a lot of extra space inside the shoes. Take a look at the image below to identify where the instep of the foot is located. When children have high sinters, there is a lot of extra foot volume that needs to be fitted inside the shoes:

There is no online measuring tool that can tell you whether your child has a narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide foot with high insteps. The only way to tell your child’s exact foot width is to have a professional shoe fitter take a look at your child’s feet and recommend shoes accordingly.

How to Determine Foot Width in Kids – 2 Simple Steps!

For me to tell you what your child’s exact foot width is, I need you to send me 2 different pictures of your child’s feet. These are 2 samples of how the pictures should look like:

1️⃣ First Image

This first picture is going to give me a general overview of your child’s foot shape. This image is going to help me determine whether your child has narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet.

2️⃣ Second Image

This second picture is going to help me visualize if your child has a high instep or not.

The email where you need to send me the pictures is [email protected] and you will have a response in less than 24 hours.

How to Retrieve Your Child’s Exact Foot Length

If you need to retrieve your child’s exact foot length to figure out what shoe size to order online or if you need help determining whether your child has a foot condition, I suggest that you refer to the article on how to measure your kid’s foot.

There is no standard foot measuring device that will determine your child’s exact foot width or measure your child’s instep height. Several shoe companies such as Stride Rite came up with their own foot width measuring method, but it is inaccurate and several families reported that they ended up with the wrong shoe size.