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How To Waterproof Shoes For Kids- Make Their Shoes And Boots Waterproof Without Ruining Them!

Waterproof Kids Shoes

Don’t you hate it when your child comes home from school with his or herfeet soaking wet? How could they possible walk around all day with wet socks and shoes? We all know how uncomfortable that can be!

The main issue is that it doesn’t matter how many times we ask our children to avoid the puddle by walking around it or turning the other way… they will still jump on it!

Let’s face it; we can’t have our kids wear rain boots all the time since these are only meant to be worn for a couple of hours on a rainy day. Do you like the idea of providing your child a pair of waterproof shoes? Maybe your child already owns a pair of sneakers and you don’t want to invest in another pair, which is perfectly understandable. Either way, I will show you the secret on how to waterproof shoes and the best rated  products to waterproof shoes!

Waterproofing simply means creating a barrier between the shoe and the rain so the water cannot get through from either direction. How many times have you asked or heard the question:

What is the difference between waterproofed shoes and water-friendly shoes? Let me make it simply for you, waterproof means that water will NOT get inside the shoe, and water friendly means that the shoe repels water, but if your child jumps or put his feet inside the puddle, water WILL get inside the shoe!

My preference has always been waterproof shoes, that way you can have a peace of mind that your kids feet will stay dry and warm no matter what trouble your kid might be getting into.

Water Resistant Shoes For Kids

Keep Your Kids’ Feet Dry And Warm – Waterproofed Shoes!

  • Waterproofing is an important part of shoe maintenance; this is the key to protecting more delicate shoe materials. Some products are available for waterproofing shoes, designed for various leathers in an assortment of colors. The most effective products are oils and creams such as beeswax.
  • Waterproofed shoes last longer than they would have otherwise, especially during the rainy season!
  • Wearing waterproofed shoes means dry socks, warm feet, and the prevention of fungus or bacteria growing in the shoe!

 It is necessary to waterproof shoes before the first wear because materials like suede, fishskin, Italian silk or snakeskin are prone damage if they get wet. However, some materials should not be waterproofed because it can damage or diminish the finish of such material.

There is the need to determine the type of waterproofing product suits the type of shoe material to be waterproofed because the wrong product can damage the shoes instead of protecting them. To avoid any confusion, the products I recommend are suitable for any type of shoe material, that way  we make sure you don’t damage your kids’ shoes.

The Best Waterproof Shoes

The Best Products To Waterproof Shoes – The Secret Revealed!

I have been working at a children’s’ shoe store for over six years now and the products and tips that I am about to describe are based on experience since I actually have tested the products.

As a general rule, oils, creams and beeswax, are very good at waterproofing soft leather, while spray-on waterproofs are more suitable for suede, fishskins, snakeskins and silks. It is also necessary to read and understand the waterproofing product instructions to know which material the water proofing agent suits best and also to see if it will alter the color of the shoes.

For finer leathers, use a product that is designed for delicate leather, and if the shoes are light in color, purchase a product which will match the color of the shoes. If you desire a color change, apply a small patch of waterproofing product to the tongue of the shoe where it cannot be seen, and if you are satisfied, continue and waterproof the whole shoe.

For thicker leathers, it is advisable to use creams and wax products, which will provide a better layer of protection from the elements. The secret  that I am about to reveal will come in handy for the parents shoes as well!

Take a look at the selection below of some of the best products I have tested at the kids’ shoe store that I work for:

The Best Tips For Waterproofing Shoes – Get Them Right!

  • Always make sure that the shoes to be waterproofed are clean, this will ensure that the product applied will be in direct contact with the shoe material and not on a layer of dirt or particles. This will allow you to get the full benefit of the product that you are using!
  • If the shoes have been waterproofed before, also make sure that you clean off the shoes before applying the new one to avoid buildup of waterproofing product.
  • Follow the instructions exactly n the product you are about to use. This will help you understand the do’s and dont’s of the product such as the type of material to be applied, when to apply it, if it induces color change, and other valuable instructions!
  • If the shoes to be waterproofed have embellishments, don’t forget to cover these before waterproofing because these waterproofing products might damage them.
  • Canvas shoes are best waterproofed with beeswax. All you need to do is to cover your canvas shoes with beeswax and then use a blow dryer to work the beeswax into the shoes when you are done; that way your shoes will be completely waterproofed!

Will The Product Change The Color Of The Shoes? – No Way!

It is always better to apply this type of products to dark colored shoes, since there always seem to be some sort of color discoloration when applying these products. If you want to waterproof light colored suede without darkening it, spray-on products are way to go! Always make sure to take care of the shoes after spraying them, since the waterproofing is just a film on the surface, any heavy scuffs will rub it off.

Water Repellent Shoe Spray

I am assuming that if the color of the shoes is a major concern for you, you will be very careful not to scuff them anyway! If keeping the color of the shoes intact is your #1 GOAL, then try my number one recommendation and proven product that doesn’t change the color of the shoes:

Kiwi Boot Protector!

If your child likes to go for hiking adventures, I wrote a post where I describe the best hiking boots for children that are waterproofed! You can find the post here:

The Best Hiking Boots For Kids – Finding A Wide And Waterproof Hiking Boot!

I Am Ready To Waterproof My Kids Shoes!

Leather shoes and boots are relatively easy to care for, but suede and nubuck footwear require a bit more maintenance. An inexpensive care kit that includes a scuff block and brush should do the trick and take care  of any existing scuffs or stains (the block can be used to gently rub out stains and worn shiny areas on the shoe surface, while the brush restores the nap of the suede).

Take the shoes to a well-ventilated area and spray the shoes evenly, giving them four to six coats. This works best if you go lightly and quickly, and any missed spots can be tackled during the next layer of spraying, so do not oversaturate the shoe at any time!

Have you ever wondered why you should never let leather get wet?

Here is the explanation: Water is no friend to leather, when leather gets wet, water forms a temporary bond with the oils lubricating the leather’s fiber and causes them to float away This leaves the leather drier and stiffer. Water can definitely ruin the appearance of fine leather since it can move some dyes, leaving spots, splotches and streaks when it finally evaporates.  I know… you didn’t need to know all that, the good news are that an ounce of prevention can protect your leather shoes!

Kids Waterproof Shoes

How Long Do Waterproofed Shoes Last? 

Truly “waterproofing” leather means creating a barrier between the water and the shoes so water cannot get through from either direction. It is worthy to note that any treatment you apply to protect your leather shoes can be cleared away depending on the quality of the product, which means that periodic renewal may be necessary to prevent the water penetration.

If you decide to try any of my recommendations, you will likely have to spray the shoes only once, and by the time you need to waterproof them again, your child will have probably outgrown the shoes!

If waterproofing your child’s shoes is not for you,  you can find the best rain boots for children in this post:

 Children Rain Boots – More Puddle-Jumping Please!

More Puddle Jumping Please!

Waterproofing is highly recommended especially during the winter and rainy days. Various shoe materials also require corresponding waterproofing products and one has to choose the product which best suites each shoe material.

I provided you with a review of the best waterproof products for shoes. These are all products that I have tested before and I am familiar with the quality and what they can deliver! The best news is that you can use these products not only for your kids shoes, but for your own shoes as well!

Parents: The winter season is approaching, and I know we all have one or in some cases, many special pairs of shoes that are truly valuable to us or we are attached to them for some particular reason.  We just can’t imagine the drama of  getting them destroyed by a rainy day! I believe I have given you all the answers to waterproofing shoes, and you can use your kids product to your shoes as well.

One last thing,  did you know that your leather hats, jackets and bags can also be protected from the rain by using the waterproofing products I recommended?

Let the water roll off your kids’ shoes with these amazing waterproof products!

Do you already own a pair of waterproof products? Have you tested any of the waterproof products I recommended? Please share your findings so we can all benefit from your experiences!


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10 Comments on How To Waterproof Shoes For Kids- Make Their Shoes And Boots Waterproof Without Ruining Them!

  1. Thanks for the great tips on how to waterproof kids shoes to make them last longer. Personally I’ve never worried about doing this for my kids shoes and I know that I’ve thrown out some that have been water damaged so waterproofing would be advantageous. Kids being kids have to jump in muddy puddles (my girls love Peppa Pig – not sure if its popular where you come from).

    • Leone,

      Kids do love to jump into puddles! Providing them with waterproof shoes is crucial in order to allow them to play and run around in rainy days while keeping their feet warm and dry. I live in the United States and Peppa Pig is also popular here, I believe it’s popular in most places!

  2. Dang, this is good info, even for adults! I have ruined so many of my own favorite shoes, by mistake of course, from going out in the rain with them. I could walk as carefully as possible but I’m short, so the bottom of my pants get wet and my entire shoe is eventually wet by the end of the day. I HATE having wet feet. Thanks!

    • Toni,

      I agree with you, walking around with wet feet is really uncomfortable. A simple thing like waterproofing our shoes can make a huge difference in keeping our feet warm and dry, and at the same time keeping our shoes in the best shape possible.

  3. Fantastic information in this article! I used to live in a place that required waterproof shoes, but have been away and living in Arizona for a long time and forgot about this. It’s a great idea to do this with all your shoes if you live in a wet or snowy place.

    Anyone who is looking to preserve their favorite shoes in inclement weather should know about this!

    • Hello Kerri,

      I read that the weather in Arizona is mostly hot and dry, but it truly depends on where you are exactly located. So you probably went from having waterproofed shoes for the rain, to wearing sandals everyday for the hot weather. I wrote a post you can probably benefit from. Did you know that you can buy children shoes if you are a women shoe size 8 1/2 or smaller? You will get the same support and pay half of the price you will pay if you were buying women shoes. The post is called: Women And Kids Shoe Size Conversion Chart – Save Big Buying Kids Shoes!

  4. I love this article. This is something many parents don’t actually think about. Your article does a good job of explaining why waterproofing shoes is so important. I remember as a kid, getting home from school, pulling my boot off and my socks and feet were soaking wet. My toes were frozen too. I can imagine waterproofing will also keep kids from getting sick. Thanks so much for this great and informative article.

    • Kelara,

      Waterproofing shoes has many benefits, and like you mentioned in your comment, it can actually keep kids from getting sick. Wearing wet socks and shoes all day can lead to foot problem and children getting sick. Make sure you always check your kids feet when they come home from school after a rainy day!

  5. This is great information on how to waterproof shoes, I don’t think it matters what your age is. I always try to get them waterproofed right after purchasing them. I have not always been too happy with what I have used to do this in the past, but don’t remember what I have used. I will give one of your recommendations a try, thank you!

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