Indoor Shoes for Kids Who Wear AFOs – Oversized Openings for Easy on and Off!

Have you been looking for a pair of indoor shoes that are capable of accommodating your child’s AFOs? Would it be a game-changer if the shoes have oversized openings and are easy to get on and off? I have spoken with several families who struggle to find a pair of indoor shoes for their child’s AFOs. The good news is that I have found a couple of indoor shoes that are affordable and work great with AFOs.

Parents should not allow their children to wear AFOs without shoes as they can be slippery. Indoor shoes are one of the biggest challenges that families face when trying to find shoes for their children’s AFOs.

Keep in mind that just because a friend or family member recommends a specific shoe that worked well for their child’s AFOs, that doesn’t mean the same shoe will work well for your child’s AFOs. I have seen a lot of people recommend specific shoes for AFOs but it’s not clear how big they bought the shoes to begin with. You can probably find many shoes that work well for your child’s AFOs if you have up to two or more shoe sizes. Your main goal should be to stay as close to as your child’s foot size as possible.

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Are Crocs Appropriate for Indoor Use with AFOs?

A lot of families buy Crocs for their children to wear as indoor shoes with their AFOs. I don’t usually recommend Crocs because they don’t provide any stability whatsoever, and one of the main purposes of wearing AFOs is to improve the child’s stability. I’m not discouraging parents from buying Crocs for their children, I am simply making them aware that the shoes and AFOs work together, and if children don’t wear the correct types of shoes with their AFOs they won’t get the full benefits that the AFOs have to offer.

Indoor Shoes or an Additional Pair of Sneakers for Indoor Use?

I strongly believe that children should wear their AFOs with supportive shoes at all times. I have noticed throughout the years that this is the only way for the child to get the full benefits that the AFOs have to offer.

Some families provide their children with two pairs of sneakers, one for indoors and one for outdoors. I believe this is the way to go and if you are looking for a pair of everyday sneakers for AFOs you are in luck, as I created a different resource that will help you.

With that said, if you prefer to have an easy on-and-off pair of shoes for indoor use then you can definitely try one of the indoor shoes I recommend below.

Take a look at the description below each shoe to find out the features that the shoe provides. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Best Indoor Shoes for Kids Who Wear AFOs

How effective these indoor shoes will be for your child’s AFOS directly depends on the AFOs that your child wears and your child’s foot shape. Not all AFOs are the same, and children’s feet also come in different shapes and sizes. With that said, the indoor shoes that I recommend have worked for many families, so hopefully, they will work for yours as well!

Feedback from Families Who Already Tried These Indoor Shoes!


Unsure About What Shoe Size You Should Order?

To prevent you from having to mail your kids’ shoes back and forth it’s important that you know what shoe size you should order online to accommodate your child’s foot shape and the AFOs. If you are investing your time and money in a pair of AFOs, your child might as well get the full benefits that the AFOs have to offer.

Are Any Other Alternatives to the Indoor Shoes I Recommended?

There are certain sandals that your child can wear as indoor shoes as they will be easy to get on and off and provide great traction to prevent slips and falls. The advantage of using a pair of sandals as indoor shoes is that your child can also wear them during the summertime.

Get a Personalized Suggestion

If you are having a hard time finding a different type of shoe to accommodate your child’s AFO don’t hesitate to contact me via email or through the comment section below:

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The shoes that your children wear with the AFOs must be comfortable and they can’t be too big, otherwise, your child’s AFOs will spend more time in the closet than actually being worn, and you will be wasting time and money.

I always suggest parents ask their orthotist or physical therapist about the shoes the child is wearing and how they fit.

Help me make this resource even better by adding your favorite indoor shoe recommendations for children who wear AFOs. I am sure other families will benefit from reading about your experiences and recommendations!