Knot Genie Brush – The World’s Best Detangling Brush

The Knot Genie brush is completely unrelated to footwear. However, we carry the product at the independent children’s shoe store where I work. Based on the popularity I’ve witnessed of the Knot Genie and its relevance to families with children, I thought I’d give it a shout out via a brief review.

Stop the Foot Stomping and Screaming! Try the Magical Brush

Essentially the Knot Genie brush is a detangling brush that more or less tops the market. Parents love it, especially the part where their kids’ hair gets brushed without kicking, screaming, and tears. The brush works on curly, straight, thick, and thin hair, including hair that seems to have a mind of its own.

Stop Spending Hundreds of Dollars a Year on Hair Products!

The Knot Genie works on both wet and dry hair.  In the case of dry hair, not only does the brush detangle, but it also fulfills the role a hairbrush should, leaving the hair glossy and neat. Cleaning this brush is low-maintenance. The Knot Genie’s gentle and effective design ensures that there is not much breaking, ripping, or pulling of the hair.

At the store where I work, once parents get ready to pay for their children’s shoes at the counter, they always grab a Knot Genie and ask me: Do these really work? I cannot talk from personal experience, but we do sell a ton of them and parents swear by this product. Parents used to tell me stories about how there was a lot of yelling, a lot of screaming, a lot of hiding, running away when a household adult would come out with a brush.

Perhaps you’ve tried detangling shampoo and/or various types of hairbrushes with insufficient success.  The bristles on the Knot Genie vary in alternating lengths, an important design aspect.  Some liken the Knot Genie to an extension of one’s hand going through the hair. People swear by it because it’s pain-free and efficient, an experience that frequently leads to children taking on the responsibility of brushing their hair.

The Best Hair Detangler for Kids and Adults with Sensory Issues

In terms of feedback, we’ve heard repeatedly that sensory-challenged children adore the brush and that people become return customers and buy additional Knot Genies to use on their pets.  The Knot Genie actually now comes in a pet version, the Groom Genie, by all accounts appreciated by pets for the same reasons children (and parents) herald the Knot Genie.

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Humbly declared “The World’s Best Detangling Brush,” people fancy themselves insiders to this revolutionary product in the realm of children’s hair maintenance.  The Knot Genie has been passed on through word-of-mouth, but it is also touted in local and national news in the U.S. and occasionally reaching other parts of the world.

Have you tried this product yet? Does your child have a hard time every time you try to brush her hair? Please share your thoughts or comments below so we can all benefit from your experiences.

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