Narrow Cleats for Kids – The Best Sport Shoes for Kids with Narrow Feet

Do you have a child with narrow feet who has the hardest time finding a pair of cleats that fit? Does your child complain that his or her feet move too much inside the cleats and the heels move up and down? Children with narrow feet have a very hard time finding sport shoes that fit, as most shoe companies keep the cost of mass-produced shoes low by producing only the most common styles (medium width). There is only a small selection of narrow cleats for kids, but the good news is that I will help you find them.

I want to start by saying that not all cleats are the same, and I strongly suggest that you provide your child with a pair of cleats specifically made for your child’s sport to maximize performance and avoid injuries.

If you allow your child to play sports in cleats that are too wide you will make your child more prone to developing foot issues such as blisters, calluses, and corns. What’s even worse, your kids won’t be able to achieve their best and unleash their full potential.

What Makes the Cleats that I Recommend Ideal for Kids with Narrow Feet?

The cleats that I recommend provide narrow heel counters and narrow toe-boxes, which means that they will “hug” your child’s feet and prevent them from moving excessively inside of the shoes.

1️⃣ Narrow Toe-Boxes: It’s important for the cleats to have a narrower front instead of a rounded one to prevent your child’s feet from moving excessively inside the cleats.

2️⃣ Narrow Heel Counters: The heel counter is the back part of the shoes, and the narrower it is, the better it will fit the shape of your child’s narrow feet. This feature is specially important if your child has narrow heels. Take a look at the image below for better visualization purposes.

Both of the shoes below are the same length and width, but do you notice how the shoe on the right has a narrower heel counter and toe-box compared to the shoe on the left?

How Do I Know Which Soccer Cleats Provide These 2 Important Features?

I have helped hundreds of children with narrow feet find the perfect pair of shoes for their feet, and I am sure I will be able to help your child as well. I work for a children’s shoe store where we help children with all different types of foot shapes (such as narrow feet) and foot problems as well.

Now let’s take a look at the best soccer cleats for kids with narrow feet. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Best Soccer Cleats for Kids with Narrow Feet

The soccer cleats below have everything your children need to perform comfortably when playing soccer. They are lightweight, flexible, have a firm heel counter —for lateral movement— and they provide excellent traction.

Additional features:

1️⃣ Ankle Support: The soccer cleats provide a firm heel counter which provides support to your kids’ ankles and helps with lateral movements.

2️⃣ Lightweight and Flexible: These features help prevent your child’s feet and legs from easily getting tired.

3️⃣ Good Traction: This feature helps prevent your child from slipping and falling, especially when running fast.

4️⃣ Padded collar: This feature provides extra cushion and comfort and it helps prevent blisters around the heels.

Best Baseball Cleats for Kids with Narrow Feet

The baseball cleats below have a midsole that provides exclusive protection from any kind of shock or foot injury. If your child happens to fall while playing baseball, the cleats are designed to disperse the impact on their feet thus protecting the feet or toes from fracture or serious injury.

Best Football Cleats for Kids with Narrow Feet

Most football games are played on grass or synthetic turf, so I suggest that you buy your child a shoe that can be used on both surfaces. The rubber bottom cleat is the one I recommend as it’s the best in terms of both playing surfaces.

The football cleat below is lightweight, flexible, has a firm heel counter (for lateral movement), and excellent traction.

How to Order the Correct Shoe Size Online?

If you need help figuring out your child’s exact foot length to know what shoe size you should order online I suggest that you take a look at a different shoe fitting resource I created.

Are Any Other Sport Shoe Choices Available?

Let me know if you are looking for a different type of sport shoe for your child’s narrow feet. You can ask your question in the comment section below or email me at:

[email protected]

How to Tie Sport Shoes for Kids with Narrow Feet

There is a specific way to tie your kids’ sport shoes called the “reverse the shoelaces technique” which has proven to work best for children with narrow feet.  I always use this shoe tying method for children with narrow feet.

What Sport Socks Work Best for Kids with Narrow Feet?

Most sport socks provide excellent cushion and padding, which makes them ideal for kids with narrow feet. I suggest that children try their sport shoes with the same socks that they will wear when playing the game.

Final Thoughts

Most shoe companies don’t manufacture children’s shoes in narrow widths as the cost of mass-produced shoes is kept low by producing only the most common styles (medium width). The fewer variations there are, the less the cost is for shoe companies. So, for kids with narrow feet like yours, it gets harder to find shoes that fit.

Have you found a specific pair of sport shoes that worked well for your child’s narrow feet? Do you have a favorite shoe brand for children with narrow feet? Let me know in the comment section below as other families will benefit from learning about your experiences.