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Sandals for Kids with Clubfoot – Let’s Support Your Child’s Feet and Improve Balance


If your child already went through the bracing stage —which is crucially important to your child’s long-term mobility— then it’s highly likely that your child will grow up to have normally functioning feet. That being said, the best way to prevent your child’s feet from turning inward again and needing further medical intervention is to ensure that your child wears the correct types of shoes during the day. I have already created several resources for everyday sneakers for children with clubfoot, however, in this article, I will show you a list of the best sandals for kids with clubfoot.

How Do I Know Which Sandals Work Best for Kids with Clubfoot?

I know which sandals are better for children with clubfoot as I have been working for a specialized children’s shoe store for over 10 years. The shoe store specializes in helping children with foot and leg problems, and many medical professionals such as physical and occupational therapists refer children to the shoe store to be fitted for the correct types of shoes.


Over the years I became familiar with the best shoes for children with clubfoot, from everyday sneakers to dress shoes and seasonal shoes such as sandals.

What Makes the Sandals that I Recommend Ideal for Children with Clubfoot?

The goal should be to find sandals that help maintain and align your child’s feet in the correct position. The sandals that I recommend for children with clubfoot are sturdy and solid to support your child’s feet and help with balance.

1️⃣ Substantial Outsoles: This feature helps prevent your child’s feet from collapsing and keeps the feet aligned, allowing your child to walk and run straighter. A substantial outsole also helps attenuate the impact that your kids’ feet and legs take every time they come in contact with the ground. Let’s take a look at the difference in support between one of the sandals that I recommend and a different style:


2️⃣ Targeted Heel Support: The sandals I recommend provide extra padding and support around the heel area, which helps cushion the child’s heels and prevents heel pain. Do you notice how the sandal on the right provides better heel support compared to the sandal on the left?


3️⃣ Oversized Openings for Easy On and Off: I have noticed that most children with clubfeet usually tend to have wide feet. It’s important that the sandals open up nice and wide for parents to easily slide their child’s feet on and off.


You will notice that some of the sandals that I recommend are orthopedic, while some others are your regular everyday sandals that simply provide better support and stability. Whether you should buy orthopedic sandals or regular everyday sandals that provide good support directly depends on the degree of your child’s foot condition.

Let’s take a look at the best sandals for children with clubfoot. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

Best Sandals for Kids with Clubfoot

I’m going to share with you what I have found to be the best sandals for kids with clubfoot. Please note that this is not medical advice, this is what has worked well for many children who visit the shoe store, and it might work well for your child, but there are no guarantees.

All of the sandals below are capable of accommodating different foot shapes, so make sure that you read the description below each sandal to find out if it will work for your son’s feet.

If you are unsure about which sandal will work best for your child’s feet feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below or contact me via email:


Don’t Know What Shoe Size You Should Order?

After the casting and bracing phase is completed children might experience a certain degree of size difference between the two feet, which is variable and dependent upon the severity of your child’s clubfoot.

In most cases, the differences in size don’t cause any problems and go unnoticed. However, I have worked with children whose shoe size differential between feet (one with clubfoot and one without) was greater than two sizes. If this is the case with your child please feel free to email me so I can guide you in the right direction.

What Are the Best Everyday Sneakers for Children with Clubfoot?

I created a different resource that describes the best everyday sneakers for children with clubfoot. Go to the link below:

Shoes for Kids with Clubfoot – Give These Life Changing Shoes a Try!

How long should these shoes be worn will depend on the severity of the clubfoot. Please always consult the attending physician or orthopedic surgeon for advice on the usual time of recovery.


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