Fitting Children's Shoes

The Best Kids’ Shoes for Orthotics – Supportive and Comfortable Shoes

Are you having a hard time finding pair of shoes to accommodate your child’s orthotics? Have you tried several different shoes but none of them seem to be deep or wide enough to fit your kids’ orthotics? I have put together a selection of the best kids’ shoes for orthotics based on my many years […]

The Best Shoes for Kids with Narrow Feet – Stop Hurting Your Kids’ Feet!

Do you have a child with narrow feet and you are having the hardest time finding a pair of shoes that fit? Finding a pair of narrow shoes can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience, especially if you don’t know which shoe brands and which shoe styles fit narrower than others. I will show you a […]

Best Shoes for Kids with AFOs – Stop Buying Bigger Shoes to Accommodate the AFOs!

AFOs can enhance children’s mobility by keeping their feet and legs in proper alignment, correcting abnormal walking patterns, and improving the child’s stability and overall posture. However, it’s important to note that for your child to get the full benefits that the AFOs have to offer, you must fit them in the correct type of […]

Shoes for Tip Toe Walking Children – Prevent Your Kids from Walking on Their Toes!

Have you noticed your child walking on his or her toes lately? Has your child been falling more often? Several complications might arise when children are over two years old and continue toe walking. I have found that certain shoes can help prevent children from getting on their toes and promote the habit of walking the correct way: […]

Children Extra Wide Shoes – Prevent Blisters, Calluses, and Corns!

Are you having a hard time finding shoes for your child’s extra wide feet? Do you feel like you try a whole bunch of different shoe styles on your child’s feet but they all end up being too narrow? I have put together a selection of the best children extra wide shoes based on my […]