Fitting Children's Shoes

Toddler with Flat Feet – The Best Shoes for Toddlers with Flat Feet

Toddler with flat feet standing barefoot.

Has your toddler been diagnosed with flat feet? Has your physical or occupational therapist recommended a pair of shoes with arch support and that you fit a pair of orthotics inside your toddler’s shoes? I am going to show you a list of shoes that provide supportive outsoles, firm heel counters, and straight lasts that will […]

Do All Toddlers Have Flat Feet? – What a Difference a Shoe Can Make!

Toddler with flat feet standing barefoot.

I have been contacted by several families who want to know whether having flat feet in toddlers is common. The answer is yes, all babies are born with flat feet and the arch doesn’t develop between the ages of 2 to 3. Most flat feet are caused by loose joint connections and baby fat between the […]