The Top 2 Shoe Brands for Kids with Flat Feet – The Most Supportive and Durable Shoe Brands!

Children with flat feet are usually limited to the type of shoes that they can wear. It can be challenging for parents to find the correct pair of shoes for their flat-footed children, but it’s important that you choose the correct shoes to help improve your child’s walking gait and overall posture. I am going to show you the top 2 shoe brands for kids with flat feet based on my many years of shoe fitting experience.

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My Go-To Shoe Brands for Kids with Flat Feet

My 10+ years of fitting children’s with flat feet has provided with valuable insights and has made me acknowledge that there are certain shoes that can also help improve your child’s walking gait and overall posture.

The good news is that there are certain kids’ shoe brands that manufacture specific shoes that can make a world of difference for a child who has flat feet. Parents who visit the shoe store where I work seem to have one question in common: What is the best shoe brand for children with flat feet?

Over the years I realized that certain shoe brands are more consistent when it comes to manufacturing comfortable, supportive, and durable shoes for kids with flat feet. My go-to shoe brands for children with flat feet are:

➡️ New Balance

➡️ Asics

This doesn’t mean that all shoes from these 2 shoe brands are going to be effective in treating your child’s flat feet. There are only certain styles that will, and I will describe them shortly.

In most cases of children with flat feet, it needs to be corrected by wearing the correct type of shoes, as it is very difficult to correct through exercise.

Check Out What a Difference the Correct Pair of Shoes Can Make!

Let’s start by taking a look at an image of a flat-footed child standing barefoot and then wearing a pair of supportive shoes.

Before Image: Child with Flat Feet Standing Barefoot

Do you notice how the child’s feet are collapsing and turning inwards?


After Image: Same Child with Flat feet Wearing a Pair of New Balance Shoes

Now let’s take a look at an image of the same child standing in a pair of the New Balance shoes I recommend. Do you notice how the child’s feet are a lot straighter? These shoes will help improve the child’s walking gait and overall posture.


In this particular case, the child had wide feet so I choose a pair of New Balance shoes over a pair of Asics. If a child has wide or extra wide feet or a high instep I tend to go with New Balance, but when a child has narrow or medium feet I tend to go with Asics.

Let’s take a look at a different example of a child with flat feet but wearing a pair of Asics shoes.

Before Image: Child with Flat Feet Standing Barefoot


After Image: Child with Flat Feet Wearing a Pair of Asics Shoes


What Kind of Shoes Are Best for Flat Feet? – 4 Important Features!

The type of shoes I recommend for children with flat feet are not orthopedic shoes, they are simply everyday sneakers that provide better support and stability. These are the 4 most important features that the shoes I recommend provide:

1️⃣ Substantial Outsoles: This feature helps prevent the child’s feet from collapsing and turning inwards. Do you notice how the shoe on the right has a thicker and more supportive outsole compared to the shoe on the left?


2️⃣ Firm Heel Counters: This feature provides ankle support and helps correct rolled ankles. Always make sure that you press on the heel counter to make sure it feels firm and not soft.


3️⃣ Lightweight and Flexible: The shoes need to be supportive but lightweight and flexible at the same time to prevent your child’s feet from easily getting tired. Your kids’ shoes should always bend at the ball of the foot but no further.


4️⃣ Shoelaces VS Velcro Closure: I always explain to parents that shoelaces always provide better support and stability compared to velcro closure.


Prevent Your Kids’ Shoes from Falling Apart – Durable Shoes!

Do you notice that the insides of your kids’ soles get worn out faster than the outer edges? When children are flat-footed they usually tend to wear their shoes down faster than expected. This is because flat feet create a foot imbalance that makes children put pressure on parts of their feet where they are not supposed to.

That is the reason why it’s especially important to provide your child with a pair of durable shoes from a trusted shoe brand.

Do you usually notice uneven wear on the soles of your kid’s shoes? This is a sign that the shoes your child is wearing are not providing the correct amount of support.


My Child Has Flat Feet – Which Shoe Brand Should I Choose?

Whether you choose New Balance or Asics depends on your child’s foot shape.

  • If your child has flat feet, a high instep, or wide and extra wide feet, I recommend that you go with New Balance.
  • If your child has flat feet and has narrow or medium feet I recommend that you go with Asics.

It can be frustrating for children to not be able to wear the shoes they want, but unfortunately, there is a very small selection of shoes appropriate for children with flat feet.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at a selection of the best shoes for kids with flat feet made by New Balance and a different selection of shoes made by Asics. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Best Shoes for Kids with Flat Feet by New Balance 

All of the shoes that I recommend are available in medium (M), wide (W), and extra wide (XW). The shoes below can also fit children with high insteps.

Make sure that you tie your kids’ shoes correctly as that is the only way for them to get all of the benefits that the shoes have to offer.

Best Shoes for Kids with Flat Feet by Asics

All of the shoes below can fit children with narrow or medium feet. Most Asics shoes are only available with velcro closure but they also have a selection of shoes with shoelaces.

How to Retrieve Your Child’s Exact Foot Length and Shape

If you want to be absolutely sure about what shoe size to order online, you can refer to the guidance on how to retrieve your child’s exact foot size, including length and shape.

Can Flat Feet be Cured? – Let’s Find Out!

All babies have flat feet, but by the time they turn 4 or 5, the arches should have already developed. If your kids’ feet remain flat after the age of 5 then it’s highly likely that your child will remain flat-footed for the rest of his/her life.

Flat feet is a hereditary condition and there are no shoes or orthotics that can mold your child an arch. However, the correct type of shoes can help prevent foot and leg pain and improve your child’s walking gait.

You will be able to prevent your child from developing foot and leg pain as well as poor posture habits by fitting your child in the correct type of shoes.

Is Walking Barefoot Good for Flat Feet?

I usually don’t recommend allowing children to walk barefoot if they have flat feet. This doesn’t mean that you can’t allow your children to walk barefoot for a couple of hours when they are home, just make sure they wear their sneakers for most of the day.

Flat Feet and Foot Pain are not Normal!

I have seen how a lot of pediatricians tell parents that their child’s foot and leg pain will go away as the child keeps getting older. Waiting for your child’s foot condition to correct on its own or to magically disappear can only lead to your child’s foot condition getting worse.

Something so simple as providing your child with the correct pair of shoes can make a world of difference when it comes to treating a flat-footed child!


Please remember that not all New Balance and Asics shoes are going to be effective for your child’s flat feet. I hope I made it clear that there are only a few styles among these two shoe brands that can help improve your child’s walking gait and prevent foot and leg pain.

Don’t leave your child’s flat feet untreated. Imbalances in the feet can affect your child’s hips and lower back.

You have no idea how many of the families who come to the store tell me how they only wished their parents would have treated their foot condition sooner, as now they have to deal with foot, leg, and lower back pain. Some of them have to deal with bunions. hammertoes, and tendonitis.

Should I Provide My Child with a Pair of Orthotics?

If you believe your child might benefit from wearing an orthotic inside the shoes, then I encourage you to get more informed about this option.

Are Any Other Shoe Choices Available?

Do not hesitate to contact me directly at my email if you have any further questions or if you need a different pair of shoes for your child.

Is there a different shoe brand that has worked well for your child’s flat feet? I encourage parents to share their findings below so other families can benefit from your experiences.