Fitting Children's Shoes

The Best Waterproof Shoes for Kids – Keeping Your Kids Feet Healthy!

Child jumping into a puddle with waterproof shoes.

Are you looking for a pair of waterproof shoes to keep your child’s feet dry and warm? Are you unsure about which model will work best based on your child’s shoe size and foot shape? Waterproof shoes are becoming more popular for children, as they are not only comfortable but play a huge role in […]

Slip Resistant Shoes for Kids – PREVENT Your Kids from Falling Down!

A child jumping into a puddle wearing a pair of water-resistant shoes.

Have you been looking for a pair of slip-resistant shoes for your child? Do you want your child to be able to play safely even when he/she is walking on wet surfaces? If you have children, you are probably aware that kids love to splash around on wet surfaces and there’s always a chance that they […]