What is the Widest Adidas Soccer Cleat for Kids? – Leather Made and Durable!

Does your child have wide feet and wants a pair of Adidas soccer cleats? Many children refuse to wear cleats that are not made by popular shoe brands such as Nike or Adidas. Cleats aren’t just about swag or color; they’re about fit and function. However, when children are not happy about how a particular shoe looks, they might refuse to wear it. I am going to show you which Adidas soccer cleat works best for children with wide feet (and high insteps).

I have heard many stories from families about how their children were aggressive and alert in the first half of their games but pooped out in the second half of almost every game. It took a couple of games before these children told their parents that their feet were hurting.

Stop Buying Cleats That Are Too Narrow

Tight cleats press against the sides of the feet (usually around the pinky toe), restricting movement and causing immediate discomfort. Over time, this undue pressure doesn’t just sting; it can evolve into more serious problems such as blisters, bunions, corns, or even ingrown toenails. Long-term complications involve bunions.

The Wrong Type of Cleats Might Affect Your Child’s Performance

When children play soccer in the wrong types of cleats, they run and strike the ball while enduring that constant squeeze on their feet. It’s not hard to see how this can affect their game. Their speed may drop, precision could falter, and enjoyment of the game will wane as well. Unsurprisingly, physical pain from cleats that pinch can also serve as a distraction, hindering their focus and tactical decisions on the field.

What is the Widest Adidas Soccer Cleat for Kids?

The widest soccer cleat made by Adidas is called the Adidas Predator, as it’s capable of accommodating children with wide feet and high insteps. Please keep in mind that what works really well for some children with wide feet might not work as well for others.

This same style is also available in black and yellow in case your child has a preference for those colors.

My other go-to model by Adidas is called the Adidas Copa Mundial, but the issue with this style is that it has very few sizes left in stock.

Are Adidas Cleats Wider Than Nike Cleats?

Yes, they definitely are. With that said, I don’t like to generalize as not all Adidas cleats fit the same way. Some models are a lot wider than others. It’s important to not assume that all Adidas shoes will work well for children with wide feet.

Stay Away From Slip-On Soccer Shoes

I don’t recommend slip-on soccer shoes for children with wide feet for the simple fact that they are too hard to get on and off. I also believe that laces help provide better stability on the field.

Make Sure You Order the Correct Shoe Size Online

It’s important to know what shoe size you should order to not waste time or money having to return the shoes back and forth. I created a resource that can help you retrieve your child’s exact shoe size from home, as the right fit in a soccer cleat can make all the difference in performance and foot health.

By following those simple steps you will also find out whether your child’s feet are wide or extra wide, and if your child has a high instep or not

Are Any Other Shoe Choices Available for Wide Feet?

Not that I know of. But, there are other shoe brands such as New Balance and Zephz that manufacture wide soccer cleats for kids.

Are Cheaper Cleats Okay to Wear?

Whatever you buy, cheap or expensive, make sure they are comfortable for your child. More expensive cleats don’t automatically translate into better shoes for your child. I have seen families spend as much as $300 on a pair of cleats that ended up falling apart.

Does the Material Matter?

Definitely. Both Adidas soccer cleats I recommended are made out of leather, which is a material that is ideal for wide feet as it stretches and forms better to the shape of the player’s foot.

My last piece of advice is to encourage your child to unlace their cleats fully before putting them on or taking them off to prevent stretching out the material. This will help preserve the support of the cleats.

The Importance of Wearing Cleats that FIT

Unlike adults, children’s feet are still developing, and wearing cleats that constrict their growth can lead to discomfort and even deformities over time. Athletic kids need cleats that match the natural shape of their feet to ensure proper balance, stability, and agility. When a cleat fits just right, it becomes an extension of the foot, allowing your child to focus on the game rather than on their footwear.

Try to remind your child that it’s not just about how cool their cleats look, but how well they fit. You can use the comments section below to ask any questions and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

Let me know if you have found a specific pair of Adidas cleats that worked well for your child’s wide feet.