What Shoe Color is the Most Popular Among Children?

When children declare their favorite color it’s highly likely that from that day forth, they will only want to wear their clothing and shoes made from that specific color. I work for a children’s shoe store and for over a decade now I have helped hundreds of families find the perfect pair of shoes for their children. Some parents get to pick their children’s shoes, but as soon as children start getting older they will start voicing their opinions and refuse to wear shoes that they don’t like. I will tell you what shoe color is most popular among children based on my 10 years of shoe fitting experience.


Let me start by saying that most parents who visit the shoe store that I work for pick their children’s shoes without letting their children decide. They usually choose a shoe color that goes with everything (grey, black, navy, brown). I have noticed that this is something that can be done up to a certain age, as I have seen children at the shoe store who refuse to wear shoes that they don’t like.

It’s normal for children to fixate on a certain color for a little while. Please remember that children outgrow their shoes rather quickly, so if your child is being inflexible and refuses to wear the shoes you want, you will get another chance next time you visit your local shoe store.

To a child their favorite color might be a large part of their personal identity, so make sure that you keep an open mind about letting your child choose the color shoes that they want.

Boys’ Favorite Shoe Colors: Red, Green, and Blue!

As soon as boys start recognizing and caring about colors they usually tend to go for the colors red, green, and blue. One of the most popular colors among boys is red.

Young boys usually go for the colors red and green, and as soon as they start getting older they usually start following their peers and their favorite color changes to blue.

Girls’ Favorite Shoe Colors: Pink, Silver, and Purple!

Girls usually tend to go for the colors pink, silver, and purple. They usually start voicing their color choices at a younger age than boys. One of the most popular colors among girls is pink.

Don’t Overthink Your Child’s Shoe Color – Children Outgrow Shoes Rather Quickly!

Some parents walk out disappointed when their children pick a bright colored shoe that will probably not match most of their outfits. Don’t fret about your child’s shoe color, as children can outgrow their shoes anywhere between 3 1/2 to 6 months (depending on their age).

It is common that children change their minds about their favorite color, it happens more often than not. I have seen many cases of children that after announcing their favorite color was red, it changed to bright blue next time they visited the shoe store.

The Most Important Rule About Children’s Shoes: Proper Fit

I always stressing to families that none of the bells and whistles will matter if the shoe doesn’t fit your child’s foot shape correctly. Did you know that the proper fit of the shoes is just as important (if not more important) than the support or the material that the shoes are made of?

Moreover, I created a free resource to help families from all over the world retrieve their child’s exact foot length and shape (narrow, medium, wide, extra wide), to make sure that their children wear the shoes in the correct size:

Do you believe that marketing and peer pressure influence children’s favorite color or do you believe that there are particular colors actually speaking to these kids?

What Is Your Child’s Favorite Shoe Color?

Let me know in the comments section below what your child’s favorite color is and whether your child refuses to wear any other shoes that are not made from his or her favorite color.