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Wide Light Up Shoes – The Best Wide And Extra Wide Light Up Shoes For Children!

Kids Light Up Shoes

Have you been looking for a pair of wide light up shoes for your child? If your child has been asking you light up shoes, but you haven’t been able to purchase them because they have wide or extra wide feet I have good news for you. Light up shoes in wide and extra wide widths do EXIST, and I will help you find them.

I have been working for a children’s shoe store for over eight years now, and I know everything that relates to children’s shoes and the way they FIT. The kids’ shoe store that I work for specializes in children with foot and leg issues, so we only carry quality, supportive footwear. We also only carry footwear that is available in different widths such as narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide, to guarantee that we will be able to FIT all types of feet, no matter the shape.

Several parents have asked me where they can find light up shoes that come in wide and extra wide widths. If you have a local kids’ shoe store, I would recommend you take your kids there to be properly fitted for shoes. If you are one of the several parents who have contacted me asking where they can get their kids’ shoes online, I will discuss the best wide width light up shoes for children in this post.

Besides coming in the correct width, the light up pair of shoes that you want to provide for your child must be supportive, lightweight, flexible, and breathable.

Your child will be super excited to get a pair of light up shoes, and he/she will start jumping and running to see the shoe light up. It’s important for the shoe to fit properly, be durable, and well-made to guarantee that your child will outgrow his or her shoes before they destroy them.

If you provide your child with a shoe that is too narrow, you will be contributing to many different types of foot issues to his or her feet such as blisters, calluses, and corns.

I have seen parents purchase their children light up shoes from stores such as Payless, Target, or Walmart. Please STOP doing that, even if you are purchasing that pair of shoes as his or her “second pair” thinking that they won’t wear them as often, it only takes a few wears for a foot issue to develop.

I have helped numerous children who came to the store wearing these types of shoes exhibiting foot and leg pain. Those type of shoes tend to be poorly made, provide little to no support, and they tend to be heavy and bulky.

I will show you in this article a selection of the best light up shoes for kids that will fit a child with a wide or an extra wide foot.

Excited Child About Shoes

The Importance Of Wide Shoes – Keep Your Kids’ Feet Healthy!

Even if you are thinking of providing your child with a pair of light up shoes as his or her spare pair, they must still be supportive, lightweight, and flexible.

Besides providing all of those features, the shoes that you purchase for your child MUST be the correct shoe size. By this, I mean the correct shoe length AND the correct shoe width.

If you provide purchase shoes that are too narrow, you will end up creating numerous foot issue even if he/she wears them for only a couple of hours a day. If you purchase your child shoes that are too narrow, you will end up creating issues such as:

  • Blisters
  • Calluses
  • Corns

The shoes that I will describe in this post will not only fit a child with wide or extra wide feet, but they will also provide excellent support so that they can be worn as everyday shoes. It is important to keep in mind that light up shoes tend to be heavier than regular shoes, but the ones I am recommending are actually lightweight and flexible.

Happy Kids

Do Light Up Shoe For Wide And Extra Wide Feet Actually Exist?

Ye they do! I fit them all the time, and I know that these shoes will even work for children with extra wide feet and a high instep. The instep is the top part of our feet and when someone has a high instep; it makes it incredibly difficult to find shoes that fit.  The main reason for this is that we need to find a deeper shoe in order for your kids’ feet to FIT inside the shoe. I explain this in more detail in a post I wrote called:

Have you ever gone to a shoe store trying to find light up shoe in wide width for your child but the response from the sales associates was “we have light up shoes that fit wider than others”? This means that the store doesn’t carry light up shoes in wide or extra wide widths.

NEVER settle for shoes that “fit wider than others.” Light up shoes in wide and extra wide widths DO EXIST, and I will show you which ones they are below.

There are several shoe brands that make shoes in wide and extra wide widths for children, but when it comes to light up shoes, only Stride Rite makes them in wide widths.

Below you can find a selection of the best light up shoe for children that come in wide and extra wide widths!

All of these shoe styles fit “true to size”, which means that you need a half a size longer of the size that your child measures in the shoe measuring scale in order to allow for growing room.

Now, please remember that it doesn’t matter how supportive or well-made the shoes that you provide for your child are, if they are not fitted properly your child won’t get any of the benefits that the shoes have to offer.

I always recommend parents to take their children to their local kids’ shoe store that they trust in order to be properly fitted for shoes. Please don’t take your child to places such as Payless or Nordstrom’s to be fitted for shoes. I have helped hundreds of children who were experiencing foot and leg pain due to wearing the wrong pair of shoes from stores that don’t employ experienced shoe fitters.

If you don’t have a local kid’s shoe store in your area that you trust, please take a look at the post I wrote where I describe how to make sure you get your child the correct shoe size! You can find that post below!

Are Light Up Shoes Good For Your Kid’s Feet? – FIT Them Properly!

Some parents are skeptical of providing their children with light up shoes because they are worried that they don’t provide enough support or are too heavy for their kid’s feet.

It is true that certain light up shoes are heavier than regular sneakers, that’s why you must choose them carefully. There are also certain types of light up shoes that do not bend easily and are made of plastic materials. You must stay away from those types of shoes since they will make your kids’ feet and legs tire more easily.

The light up shoes that I recommend for your child above can be worn as everyday shoes and will keep your kids’ feet and legs healthy.

Now you can provide your child with light up shoes and rest assured that you will be keeping his or her feet and legs healthy!

Have you found a particular pair of light up shoes that come in wide or extra wide widths and have worked well for your child? Please share your thoughts and experiences below so we can all benefit from them!


I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kid’s feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.

Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids’ feet and get my guide for free: The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make when Buying Their Kids’ Shoes

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