Best Italian Shoe Brands for Kids – The Top 5 Choices

After having worked for a specialized children’s shoe store for over a decade, I became familiar with the best shoe brands for kids. Several families who visit the shoe store where I work prefer to provide their children with shoes made in Italy, so we started carrying Italian shoe brands. Did you know that a good shoe can do wonders in keeping your child’s feet healthy? That’s why I’m here to help you understand the long-term economic and health benefits of investing in well-made Italian footwear for your kids. I will also show you which Italian shoe brands are better than others.

Italian shoes aren’t just about high fashion; they’re also about providing superior comfort and support for your child’s growing feet. Careful construction and quality materials (usually high-quality leather) are at the heart of this perfect blend.

Are Italian Shoes More Expensive?

Yes, they are, especially compared to shoe brands that manufacture their shoes in China or Vietnam. However, some families look at the extra cost as an investment that will pay off by avoiding frequent shoe replacements and potential foot problems down the road.

At the shoe store where I work, we are all about FIT. That is one of the main reasons we carry Italian shoe brands, as no other brands put the same quality and passion into children’s footwear. They’re not just creating shoes; they’re nurturing young steps with craftsmanship and care.


Exploring the Top 5 Italian Shoe Brands for Kids

➡️ The first brand on the list is GEOX, renowned for their “shoe that breathes”. GEOX has revolutionized children’s footwear with its patented breathable technology, ensuring comfort without compromising on style. What’s fantastic is how this brand merges innovation with a keen sense of trends that kids love. GEOX shoes are durable, supportive, and comfortable, with extra padding and cushion around the heels. In a different resource I showcase the best Geox shoe styles for kids.

➡️ Next up, Lelli Kelly takes center stage. If you’re after shoes that can add a sparkle to your child’s steps, Lelli Kelly delivers just that. Not only do they provide fashionable choices, but their commitment to comfort and safety is remarkable, using non-toxic materials and providing supportive outsoles. There is a different resource I created that describes the best Lelli Kelly shoes for kids.

➡️ Another gem is Naturino, which offers versatile footwear options from toddlers to pre-teens. Their “Sand Effect” system is a standout: it’s designed to replicate walking on sand to support natural foot development. Beyond functionality, Naturino’s aesthetic is a mix of classic and modern – perfect for any occasion. It’s important to note that Naturino shoes work well for children with narrow or medium feet, but they won’t fit children with wide feet.

➡️ Also worth mentioning is Primigi, a brand steeped in tradition yet continuously innovating. With over 40 years of experience, Primigi shoes are crafted with soft leathers and flexible outsoles tailored for kids’ feet, promising ease with every step.

➡️ On the sustainability front, Momino stands out. This brand commits to eco-friendly practices, using high-quality and natural materials to craft shoes that are not only stylish but also consciously made.

What Makes Italian Shoes the Best Choice for Kids?

1️⃣ Craftsmanship: Italian shoes are usually made of premium, breathable leathers or canvas that can adapt to your child’s foot, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

2️⃣ Durability: Italian shoes often come with reinforced toe-boxes and sturdy soles that promise just that. And don’t forget flexibility; kids’ shoes should bend easily to match the natural movement of their feet.

Making the Right Choice: A Buyer’s Guide to Italian Shoes for Children

First things first, make sure you’re getting the size right. A well-fitting shoe is essential for developing feet, so take the time to accurately measure your child’s feet. In my opinion, if possible, visit a store specialized in children’s footwear to get professional assistance. If you don’t have a local shoe store you can use a free service I provide that will help you retrieve your child’s exact foot shape and length.

Don’t worry too much about the fitting process being overly complicated. You can always ask for a size guide, which most reputable Italian brands provide. Plus, many brands have their own specific sizing tips and conversion charts on their websites.

Are You Unsure About Which Shoes Might Work Best for Your Child?

Without a doubt, children’s shoe needs can vary depending on their food shape, activity level, and any specific foot conditions they may have. If you have any questions or need any further assistance, you can also contact me via email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am happy to help you find a different pair of shoes for your child.

Have you already tried any of the Italian shoe brands I recommended? Let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions or feedback you would like to share.