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Best Toddler Shoes For Narrow Feet – Learn About The Best Narrow Shoe Styles From Other Families Experiences!

Double Velcro Sneakers

I get contacted by parents who need help finding the best type of shoes for their children on a daily basis. In this particular case, this mother contacted me worried about her daughter having narrow feet and not being able to find shoes that fit. Since you might be going through a similar experience, I decided to post the conversation here so you can benefit from what we discussed, since along the conversation you will find a selection of the best toddler shoes for narrow feet.

I am an expert when it comes to fitting children’s shoes since I have worked for a specialized children’s shoe store for the last 10 years. We specialize in children with foot and leg problems, but we provide regular shoe fittings as well. I am familiar with the best children’s shoe brands and the best shoe styles among those brands.

There is only a small selection of toddler’s shoes for narrow feet, but the good news is that I will help you find them.

Hello Juan,

I came across your website and was wondering what brands of sneakers and shoes you recommend for toddlers with narrow feet. We always have the hardest time finding shoes for my daughter that fit, since they all seem too wide for her feet.

My daughter is 3 years old and wears a shoe size 8 1/2. We found a shoe brand named “See Kai Run” that used to fit the shape of her feet perfectly, but for some reason those shoes have not worked lately.

I have noticed how as her feet get bigger, it is harder to find her sneakers as they just get wider and wider. Her foot gets longer, but definitely not any wider.

I am aware of the problems that come from ill-fitting shoes (after reading some of your articles) and I have the same narrow foot problem that she does. Any recommendations are appreciated!

See picture for latest try-on failure!

Shoes That Are Too Wide

Thanks in advance!


Hello Laura,

You are correct, those shoes are way too wide for your daughter. Do you notice how the velcro straps of the shoe don’t align with the end of the velcro? When a shoe is fitting properly, the velcro straps should line up properly.

I have fitted other shoe brands that fit much narrower than See Kai Run. Are you looking for an every day shoe for your daughter? Have you ever tried the shoe brands called Asics or Saucony?

Most Asics and Saucony shoe styles are supportive enough to be worn as every day shoes and they are also made to last.

If you want to see a selection of the best narrow shoes for girls, you can find them in an article I wrote called:

Narrow Shoes For Girls – The Best Everyday Shoes For Girls With Narrow Feet

I hope this helps!

Hello Juan,

Thank you! I wish I would have seen that article before to save you time. I am looking for a shoe that she can run around all day and play at school. A shoe that will provide good support to her feet and legs, and that is also durable.

Yes, those shoes that she is wearing in the picture are way too wide. I am going to try one of the shoe styles that you recommend. I notice that some of the shoes you recommend have velcro and some other have shoelaces, should I choose one over the other? Are these all good for school and running around all day?

Thank you for your time.

Hello Laura,

If you are willing to tie your daughter’s shoes, then I will recommend you choose shoelaces over Velcro since they will fit the shape of her feet better. The main reason for this is that shoelaces will hug your daughter’s feet better and push her heels against the back of the shoes, securing them and minimizing any extra space around her heels.

Your daughter will also feel more secure and stable when running around. However, the shoes I recommend with velcro also fit very narrow, so I would recommend that you provide her with a pair of velcro sneakers first and see how those work out. If they still seem too wide for her feet, then I would recommend that you provide her with a pair of shoes that come with shoelaces.

All of the shoe styles in that article are supportive enough to be worn for school and every day activities.

Hello Juan,

I tried the Saucony shoe style (Baby Ride) from your recommendations and they fit the shape of her feet PERFECTLY. I will stick with that shoe style and get it in different colors as long as it is available in her size.

I can’t believe I have wasted so much time finding narrow shoes for my daughter and I didn’t know that there were shoe styles available to fit the shape of her narrow feet. You have no idea how much time you have saved me!

Since summer is approaching where we live, are there any sandals that you will suggest will fit the shape of my daughter’s feet?

Thanks so much!


Hello Laura,

I am glad that the sneakers worked well for your daughter. I have helped hundreds of families with children with narrow feet and I know how hard it can be to find shoes that fit properly. I always explain to parents that is harder to find a narrow shoe for a child than it is to find an extra wide shoe.

The main reason for this is that there are several children’s shoe styles available in extra wide widths, while there are very few shoe styles available in narrow widths.

You can stick with that shoe style if you want, but as long as it is not available in her size please let me know and I will help you find a different one.

When it comes to summer sandals for girls with narrow feet, I would recommend that you take a look at an article I wrote called:

Narrow Sandals For Girls- The Best Summer Sandals For Girls With Narrow Feet!

That article will provide you with a selection of the best narrow sandals for girls, but if you have any other questions after reading that article please let me know.

Hello Juan,

Those Naturino sandal are gorgeous!

Will she be able to wear them as her water play sandals? I really like those styles because I feel like I would be able to dress her up as well. Do these sandals provide good support? Which one specifically would you recommend I get for my daughter?

Sorry for the million questions but I want to make sure I provide her with the best shoe style possible.

Hello Laura,

No worries!

If you want a sandal for your daughter to play around but at the same time be able to dress her up, I would recommend that you get her the “Naturino 7785 Sandal”, since it’s closed toe (will protect her toes when playing), comes with a substantial rubber sole (will provide support and prevent slipping), and it looks dressier.

Even though the sandal is supportive enough, I would recommend that your daughter doesn’t wear it for more than 6 hours a day. She should be alternating with her sneakers in order to provide good support to her feet and legs.

If you happen to know of a family who has a boy with narrow feet and is having a hard time finding shoes that fit, you can direct them to an article I wrote called:

Narrow Fit Shoes For Boys – The Best Everyday Shoes For Boys With Narrow Feet

Another thing I wanted to mention is that since I get a lot of emails from parents on a daily basis, I always encourage them to type a keyword of the question they have in the home page under the “Search Bar”. That will retrieve all the articles related to that particular question.

Take a look at the picture below so you can find where the “Search Bar” is on my homepage:

Fitting Children's Shoes


If you can’t seem to find an article related to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I also recently created a tool that will help you find any other type of shoes for your child such as every day, summer, winter, or sport shoes. The tool lets you filter by the type of shoes you need and I believe it is extremely valuable since it will show you shoe styles in different widths such as narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide. It will also tell you exactly how each shoe style is cut (short, long, narrow, or wide). You can find that tool here:

Find The Best Shoe Style For Your Child’s Unique Feet

Dear Juan,


I was just playing around with the tool and I love how I can filter by “shoes for narrow feet”. I will be sharing this with my friends who always complain about not finding good shoes for their kids.

I hope you find these post helpful and I encourage you to contact me if you have any doubts or questions.


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  1. Hello, I’m looking for an everyday dressier shoe for my daughter. We LOVE Saucony for her tennis shoes. She is a size 9 narrow toddler, and I’m needing a shoe she can wear with her fall and winter dressier clothes to school. I’ve read most of your articles, but don’t see any suggestions for these. I saw you recc. the Riscotta Mary Jane, but I can’t find any online nor in your link. Thank you!

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