Fitting Children's Shoes

The Best Shoes for Kids with Duck Feet – Let’s Improve your Child’s Walking Gait and Posture!

Have you noticed your child walking with his/her feet turned outwards? This condition is referred to as out-toeing and it’s also commonly known as duck-footed. Out-toeing is believed to be hereditary, but for certain children, this condition develops from the compensation of an injury, lack of muscle strength, or poor posture. I am going to show you […]

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Orthotics for Kids with Out-Toeing – Let’s Improve Your Child’s Foot Posture and Prevent Foot Pain

Has your child been walking with his or her feet pointing outwards instead of straight ahead? If your child’s out-toeing is associated with having flat feet there are certain orthotics that can help improve your child’s foot posture and improve his or her walking gait. I will show you which are the best orthotics for […]

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Best Kids’ Shoes for Out-Toeing – Improve Your Child’s Foot Posture and Walking Gait

Have you noticed that your child’s feet point outward when walking or running instead of straight ahead? Did you check the bottom of your child’s shoes and noticed uneven wear in the outsole? Most children who have out-toeing don’t complain of any foot or leg pain, but they are more prone to trip and fall. […]

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