Fitting Children's Shoes

Shoes for Kids with Sensory Issues – Let’s Find Some Magical Shoes!

Are you having a hard time finding shoes for your child with sensory issues? Do you feel like it’s a constant battle every time you try to put your kids’ shoes on? If your child can’t stand the way shoes and socks feel, I totally understand what they are going through. Be patient, they are complaining for […]

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Best Shoes for Older Kids with Sensory Issues – Seam Free Fabrics with Padded Collars

Children with sensory issues have the hardest time finding shoes that feel comfortable. After working several years for a specialized children’s shoe store, I became familiar with the best shoes for older kids with sensory issues. I have helped several children with sensory issues find the perfect pair of shoes for their feet, and I […]

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Sandals for Kids with Sensory Issues – Soft Materials, Seam Free Fabrics, and Fully Adjustable!

Children with sensory issues have a hard time wearing shoes as they usually complain that they feel “too tight”, “too loose”, “too pinchy” and rub their feet the wrong way. I strongly recommend that children with sensory issues are fitted for shoes at their local shoe store, but the issue is that they might find […]

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