Fitting Children's Shoes

Kids’ Shoes for Supination – Stop Your Kids Foot and Leg Pain!

Do you have a child that has been complaining about foot and leg pain? Has your child been diagnosed with supination? Foot and leg pain is never normal, and if your children have been complaining about foot or leg pain, you should always start by checking the shoes that they are wearing. If your child […]

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How to Know if Your Child Has Overpronation or Underpronation? – Let’s Find Out!

I have helped hundreds of children with overpronation and underpronation find the perfect pair of shoes for their feet to help treat and prevent the condition from getting worse. I will show you how to know if your child has overpronation or underpronation and show you a selection of shoes that will help improve your […]

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Pronation Vs Supination Foot – The Most Effective Method to Improve the Way Your Child Walks!

Has your child been complaining about foot and leg pain? Have you noticed your child walking and running differently? If your child has been experiencing foot or leg pain, it might be caused by pronation or supination. It’s important to identify which of the two your child has, since the shoes a child with pronation needs […]

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