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Children Rain Boots-More Puddle-Jumping, Please!

Children Rain Boot

Let it rain, let it pour, your little ones’ feet will stay DRY  as long as they have a good pair of rain boots. I think that as soon as your child starts walking with confidence, you should provide him/her with a pair of rain boots. They will not only allow your child’s feet to stay warm and dry when playing in the rain, but the threaded sole will also help them feel stable when playing in wet surfaces.

I have been working for a specialized children’s shoe store for the last ten years. We specialize in children with foot and leg problems, but we also provide regular shoe fittings as well. I have fitted thousands of shoes and I am familiar with which shoe brands and which shoe styles are better than others.

Did you know that most children don’t even tell the parents when their socks get wet? Your child doesn’t mind wearing wet socks, but this can create several foot problems.Childrens’ rain boots play a key role in footwear and in keeping your children’s feet healthy. Imagine your child walking around all day wearing a pair of wet socks.  Wet socks will create a myriad of problems.

In this post I will describe the best children rain boots. The rain boot styles I will recommend below will fit a child with a medium, wide, or an extra wide foot.

When Is The Right Time For A Child To Start Wearing Rain Boots?

I believe as soon as your child starts walking, and he is fully stable, that is the right time to start wearing rain boots. If your child is still learning how to walk, or still falls down after taking a couple steps, you should hold off until he is fully stable. If your child learning how to walk, imagine him trying to maintain his balance in a pair of big, clunky rain boots! NOT a good idea!

How To Figure Out What is The Correct Rain Boot Size – Get It Right!

One big issue when trying to get a rain boot for your child is trying to figure out the sizing. Rain boots come in whole sizes only, not half sizes. This means that if your child measures a size 8 1/2, you will round up and get a size 9. However, some rain boots tend to run really long, and depending on the style, you might have to go for a half a size smaller. If the rain boots runs long and your child is measuring a size 8 1/2, then you MUST go for the size 8, which will still provide your child with growing room. Are you confused yet?

Because rain boots are the type of footwear that your child WON’T wear often, unless you are in a area where it rains a lot, we always want to leave a good amount of room for your child to grow into the rain boot. However, leaving too much growing space might compromise the child’s stability, making him/her more prone to falls and injuries.

Most rain boots start at an infant shoe size 5. However, there are some rain boots that start at an infant shoe size 4. I always recommend taking your kids’ to your local children’s shoe store to have their feet properly measured. That way you can guarantee that they will get the correct shoe size. IF you don’t have a local kids’ shoe store in your area, I will show you the best rain boots for kids.

Waterproof Rain Boots

 Why Are Rain Boots Important? – Protect Your Kids’ Feet!

Children love playing in the rain. There is nothing more fun for them than jumping into puddles and making a big splash. As a parent, you must know how uncomfortable it feels when your socks get wet, and you feel like switching into a dry pair right away. Most children might not express any discomfort, and staying in wet, soggy socks most of the day leads to frozen toes.

This can also create a myriad of problems such as damaging the skin of the foot, to creating blisters due to the friction of the sock.  Never allow your children to stay in wet socks or wet toes when it is cold or rainy outside. Providing them with a rain boot will allow them to play in the rain, the mud, or any wet surface safely!

What Type Of Rain Boot Should I Get For My Child? – Best Quality!

The key is to find a rain boot that is made out of good quality, with great traction and that is not too heavy. Childrens’ feet and legs will tire faster if they are wearing a heavy rain boot. Parents should also try to buy rain boots from a well known brand, such as Kamik, Western Chief, Steven Joseph, or Naturino. Trying to save some money on poor-quality shoes might put your childrens’ feet at risk.

The Rain Boot Won’t Stay On My Child’s Feet! – Find The Solution Below

If your child keeps tripping or walking out of rain boots, it means that they are too big for your child! Rain boots should be fitted a little roomy since children will not wear them that often, but they should not by any means fall off your child’s feet. I would strongly recommend exchanging them or getting a new pair that fits.

Not sure about how to get your child the right size rain boot? I wrote a post where I describe how to make sure your kids’ shoes fit. The post is called: 

How To Measure Kids Shoe Size From Home – In Less Than 30 Seconds!

Children Rain Gear

The Rain Boot Is Not Wide Enough For My Child’s Feet! – Solution Below!

Another concern I have heard with children rain boots is parents saying that they are having trouble every time they have to put the rain boots on. They feel like they are struggling and wasting too much time to put them on their kids’ feet.  There can be two reasons for this:

1- The rain boot is the wrong size (too small).

2- Your child has a wide foot and you might struggle to slide the boots on his/her feet. STOP getting longer boot sizes just to compensate for the width!  This will lead to the boots falling off their feet or compromising your children’s stability. If the child has a wide foot, it might take some extra time to put them on, or you might need a rain boot that has a nice round (wide) toe box.

I wrote a post where I describe the best rain boots for children that have wide feet. The post is called: 

The Best Rain Boots For Wide Calves – They Do Exist!

Below you can see a link to the best kids’ rain boots in terms of durability, support, and fit.

==>Click Here To See The Best Rain Boots For Kids'<==

I Can Get Them Cheaper Somewhere Else!

And so everything else you buy…You can always find things at a cheaper price, especially when shopping online. However, cheaper normally doesn’t translate to better. Sometimes, just to save a few extra dollars, we might not be providing our children with the appropriate quality of footwear, which might end up leading to several headaches.

I have seen shoes from retailers that are made out of cardboard inside, that are labeled waterproof when they aren’t, and that do not have the appropriate support and structure. Rain boots are not cheap, but they are not pricey either; they are a middle ground footwear when it comes to pricing. It is critical that whichever rain boot you choose to provide your child with, you need to make sure it is waterproof and made of quality material.

Are Light Up Rain Boots Reliable? – Yes!

As long as light up rain boots are fitted properly, your child should have no problem walking through puddles with them. Sometimes parents associate light up footwear with “unreliable footwear”, and while sometimes this is true, it all depends on the style you decide to get. When it comes to rain boots, it really doesn’t make a difference since light up rain boots are as well made as your traditional looking ones and will keep the water and mud out of your kids’ boots.

I am frequently asked at the store how long the lights of the rain boots will last and the fact is that your child SHOULD always outgrow the boots before the lights STOP working.

Raincoats For Kids’-The Best Rain Gear For Children!
Raincoats GirlsKids Raincoats Girls

If you decide on getting your little one a raincoat, you probably want one that is perfect for any weather. These should be lightweight and made of soft outer material. Wearing the proper rain gear will make rainy days fun for your children.

==>Click Here To See The Best Rain Coats For Children<==

You can coordinate the raincoats with matching boots and umbrellas. I provide a review of the best well made quality raincoats and umbrellas below so your little one can play in the rain safely while HAVING FUN!

Does your child already owns a pair of rain boots? Is there a particular rain boot style that you recommend? Please share your thoughts and experiences so we can all benefit from them!


I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kid’s feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.

Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids’ feet and get my guide for free: The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make when Buying Their Kids’ Shoes

11 Comments on Children Rain Boots-More Puddle-Jumping, Please!

  1. When I have children, they will definitely need rain boots. I used to love jumping in puddles and playing out in the rain. We used to collect rain water from puddles in the driveway and make ‘soup’ out of it (we never consumed it).
    It’s important to have the right equipment for different situations such as being out in the rain. So, yes to rain boots!

    • Gina,

      I never heard of children collecting water from puddles and making “soup”with it, that was too funny. I guess I was too busy splashing my sister every time there was a puddle. You are 100% correct that it is important to have the right equipment when children are playing in the rain.

  2. Hi Juan,

    Thank you for an informative article, as a parent in the not so sunny but really wet UK, I never gave much thought to my child’s rain boots or wellies as we call them here.

    Would you advise a child wear “normal” socks or thicker socks, I only ask this because that would effect the width of the boot.

    Thank you again for this article.

    Steve T

    • Steve,

      When you first purchase rain boots or wellies I will advise your child to wear thicker socks since you will want to leave some extra growing room. Rain boots are the type of footwear your child will not wear often, only in rainy days, so a little bit of extra room is something that we want when we are fitting rain boots. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I wish I would have found your article when my kids were growing up! As a new parent, I realized that I did not know much about the basics of raising kids including how to pick out raingear. Having the information from your article would have spared me a few headaches by making sure my kids were ready to face mother nature.

    • John,

      Thank you. I do care about children, and I try to provide parents with good advise so they can make the most informative decision when it comes to footwear. I am sure you will be back once your grandchildren start playing in the rain 😉

  4. I have 2 young kids and always have a hard time finding rain boots that fit well. My children both have narrow feet and I find that the boots are always too wide for them.

    A few of my friends have started purchasing the combo boot for their children to get more use out of them since we have cold winters where I am. These boots can be used in cold temperatures up to -30 (celcius) but they also work well in the rain. What are your thoughts on these? They are pretty expensive but it would be nice to not have to have rain boots and winter boots.

    • Simone,

      What is the brand name that your friend purchased? I am familiar with Bogs, who you can wear in the snow and the rain. The quality is superb, they are great for the snow and your child can also use it as a rain boot in the Spring. The price is higher, but you are getting a great quality boot that serves both purposes, so in a way, you might be saving money. Read my post: “The best winter boots”, where I describe several boot styles that can be used for the rain and the snow!

      • Thanks! I will check out the best winter boots article. Yes, the brand my friend was talking about is Bogs. Maybe I will invest in some for my kids.

  5. Hello, there,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful article about children rain boots.
    Finding a good type of rain boot for kids is not a puzzle so easy to solve since there are many to offer in the market and we know very little about them.
    Now I won’t have problem when my nice tries to run around into puddles.

    • Caito,

      I am glad that you found the website informative. If you have any further questions please do not hesistate to contact me.

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