Do You Need to Promote Your Kids’ Shoes Online? – Let Me Help You Get More Exposure!

Did you come up with a new children’s shoe brand that you are looking forward to promoting? Are there any particular shoe styles that you would like to promote within that brand? If that is the case, I believe I might be able to help you.

Ten years ago, I created Fitting Children’s Shoes, a website targeted toward families who don’t have access to children’s shoe stores specializing in fittings. My vision was to enable customers nationally to make more informed decisions when purchasing kids’ shoes with an appropriate fit.

My site currently features over 800 resources covering virtually every issue children face related to proper shoe fitting and foot health. Currently, this is the only comprehensive site focusing on fitting children’s shoes.

I know which shoe styles and shoe brands are better than others from actually having fitted the shoes myself.

In addition, parents contact me on a daily basis asking me to recommend shoe styles based on their child’s foot needs and foot shape. I always show them which are the best shoe brands for kids and the best shoe styles among those brands.

So, if you are looking to promote your kids’ shoes online, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will carefully review your shoes and decide whether they are a good fit to be promoted on my webpage.

I only promote shoes that are made from high-quality materials, provide good arch and ankle support, and are lightweight and flexible at the same time. I also take other factors into consideration such as if the shoes provide extra depth and are capable of accommodating children with high insteps.

I will likely need a sample of one of your shoes to check all the features I mentioned above.

Many parents prefer to purchase their kids’ shoes from the brands they already know over those they don’t. However, if you created good quality shoes that fit well, I will help you compete among the most well-known and popular brands by helping you expose your brand and present it to parents.

Be assured that if your shoes meet my standards, I will promote them on my website. I believe you can benefit greatly from this, especially if you are trying to make your brand more visible. Whether you created a shoe line for first walkers, toddlers, or older children, I will help you promote it.

Finally, if you are interested in promoting your shoes at Fitting Children’s Shoes, please contact me at:

[email protected]