Extra Wide Toddler Shoes with Laces – The Only Styles Available!

Have you been looking for a pair of shoes that can accommodate your toddler’s extra wide feet and have laces instead of velcro? Maybe your toddler has a foot condition and your medical professional advised you to get shoes with laces to get extra support and stability from the shoes. There is a small selection of extra wide toddler shoes with laces, but the good news is that I will help you find them.

Finding shoes with laces for toddlers might be an easy task, but finding a pair of shoes with laces for toddlers who have extra wide feet can be quite a frustrating and time-consuming experience.

My Experience Fitting Toddler’s Shoes

I have gotten familiar with most children’s shoe brands and styles as I have been fitting children’s shoes for many years. I am pretty sure I have tested and fitted most toddler shoes with laces, so I have put together a list that will hopefully save you some time.


Why Should Toddlers Wear Shoes with Laces Instead of Velcro?

These are the most common reasons why toddlers should wear shoes with laces instead of velcro or an alternative closure:

  • Foot conditions: Toddlers with flat feet, low muscle tone, hypermobility, knock knees, in-toeing, toe walking can benefit from wearing shoes with laces as they provide better support and stability.
  • Orthotic devices: Toddlers who wear orthotics require shoes with laces to hold the orthotic in place and get the full benefits that the shoes and orthotics have to offer.
  • Toddlers who constantly remove their shoes: Shoes with laces are more effective in “hugging” the child’s feet which makes it harder for toddlers to get them off. Unlike laces, velcro tabs can be manipulated with one hand and by children under the age of 5.

What Shoe Companies Manufacture Toddler’s Shoes with Laces?

Many shoe companies still manufacture toddler shoes with laces, but only a few manufactures them for toddlers with extra wide feet:

  • New Balance
  • Saucony
  • Stride Rite

Let me show you which specific models work best for toddlers with extra wide feet. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Best Extra Wide Toddler Shoes with Laces

Most of the shoes below are available in wide (W) and extra wide widths (XW). If a shoe is not labeled as wide or extra wide it’s because that specific model fits naturally wide.

Unsure About What Shoe Size You Should Order?

It is important to get the right shoe size for your toddler to get the full benefits that these shoes have to offer. Shoes that are too big allow for too much foot movement inside the shoes, making your toddler’s feet and heels less supported. On the other hand, shoes that are too small may cramp your toddler’s feet and heels and cause pain.

If you are unsure of your toddler’s exact foot length and shape, I recommend taking a look at another resource I have created. In just two simple steps, I will be able to determine what shoe size your toddler should wear.

That resource will also save you some time and money as you won’t have to order your toddler’s shoes in multiple sizes to end up having to return them all.

Are You Looking for a Different Type of Shoe?

I have been fitting children’s shoes for many years, so I am pretty familiar with most shoe brands and styles. I created several resources for children with extra wide feet, but if you can’t seem to find a specific shoe for your toddler don’t hesitate to contact me via the comments section below or by email:

[email protected]

In the meantime, you can take a look at a couple of different resources that I created in which I describe the best extra wide dress shoes, sandals, and boots.

There might be many reasons why your toddler should wear a pair of shoes with laces instead of velcro. I understand that it can be challenging to find a pair of shoes with laces in toddler sizes, and that quest might get even more challenging if your toddler has a “complicated” foot shape such as extra wide feet. I hope you found this resource helpful!

For all all families of toddlers with extra wide feet who have already found a pair of shoes with laces, please share any shoe suggestions that they might have in the comments section below.