High Top Shoes for Foot Pain – Provide Your Child with Better Support and Stability!

Is your child experiencing foot pain in relation to a medical condition, injury, or particular situation and you are not sure what shoes to get? Has your medical professional recommended fitting your child in a pair of high top shoes? Foot pain can be a debilitating issue that can affect your kids’ daily activities and overall quality of life. High top shoes have gained popularity for their ability to provide superior support and stability, making them an excellent choice for kids who experience foot pain. I’m a subject matter expert on kid’s shoes and will help you find the perfect pair of high top shoes for foot pain catered to your kids’ needs.

I work for a children’s shoe store and that’s where I gained practical knowledge when it comes to treating and preventing children’s foot and leg problems. I am acquainted with which shoe styles fit better than others and I can also guide you on how to order your shoes online. Though it’s important to know your kid’s exact foot size, especially if you are going to be buying the shoes online. Remember, quality measurements begin with expert consultation.

I understand that it can be challenging to find shoes to fit your kid’s unique feet, especially if diagnosed with a particular foot condition or if they have an uncommon foot shape. Nonetheless, it’s critical to make sure that your kid’s shoes fit properly, as shoes that are too wide or too narrow can create blisters, calluses, and ingrown toenails. 

4 Main Benefits of High Top Shoes for Foot Pain

1️⃣ Stability and Enhanced Ankle Support:  The snug protection of high top shoes can certainly make your kid’s feet feel more stable. The higher collar of the high top shoes extends above the ankle and this contributes to better ankle/heel support and increased stability.

2️⃣ Stable Base of Support: High top shoes extend above the ankle, providing increased support to the lower leg. The high top shoes that I recommend provide a stable base of support which can help alleviate foot pain caused by conditions like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and ankle sprains as it reduced the strain on the affected areas.

3️⃣ Lace-Up Closure for a Snug Fit: High top shoes encase the foot, which allows children to get the full support and stability that the shoes have to offer. This also helps to prevent friction and rubbing, which could exacerbate existing foot pain.

4️⃣ Lightweight and Flexible: All of the high top shoes that I recommend are supportive but lightweight and flexible at the same time.

Can High Top Shoes Provide Better Support Than Everyday Sneakers?

High top shoes may not necessarily provide better support compared to your child’s everyday sneakers. That being said, not all high top shoes are the same. 

Some high tops can be really effective in helping treat your child’s foot conditions, while some others provide less support than your regular everyday sneakers. A good pair of high top shoes can be a game-changer for kids suffering from foot pain provide a stable base of support and make your kids’ ankles feel more stable. Their ability to provide ankle support, reduced foot movement, cushioned comfort, and improved arch support makes them a valuable choice for kids seeking relief and comfort.

High Top Shoes for Foot Pain – Provide Your Child with Better Support and Stability

Take a look at the description below each shoe to check what foot shape that specific shoe is capable of accommodating —narrow (N), medium (M), wide (W), extra wide (XW). Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

The high top shoes that I recommended are capable of accommodating 3/4 and full length orthotics. You should consider ordering the shoes in a wider width and removing the original insoles of the shoes to accommodate the extra space that orthotics take inside the shoes. I created a different resource that describes the best sneakers for AFOs.

Retrieve Your Kid’s Shoe Size Right and Improve Your Online Shopping Experience

More often than not, parents report that they have to order multiple shoes online before finding one that fits their kid’s unique feet. I understand that it can be challenging to find shoes for a kid who is experiencing foot pain. Nonetheless, it’s critical to make sure that your child’s shoes fit properly, as shoes that are too wide or too narrow can create blisters, calluses, and ingrown toenails. 

In addition, medical professionals concur that shoes that are too small hinder the proper growth of the foot, diminishing blood circulation, causing painful blisters, ingrown toenails, calluses, corns, and many other foot problems. Shoes that are too large might prevent your kid from maintaining grip on the ground properly, compromising your child’s stability.

For this reason, I created a different article to assist parents in determining their kids’ foot size and shape at home effectively and with ease. This easy-to-follow method allows parents to accurately determine their child’s correct foot length and width, as well as instep height.

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