High-Top Shoes for Toe Walking Children

Has your medical professional recommended a pair of high-top shoes to prevent your child from walking on his/her toes? Were you told to get a pair of high-top shoes, but your child’s medical professional didn’t specify which models you should buy? There is a large selection of high-top shoes for kids, and some of them are a lot more effective than others when it comes to helping treat and prevent toe walking. I am going to show you a list of the best high-top shoes for toe walking children based on my many years of shoe fitting experience.

I always recommend parents to be proactive and don’t take the “wait and see” approach when it comes to treating their child’s toe walking condition, as waiting for the condition to magically disappear and go away on its own can only lead to the condition getting worse. I mention this because I get contacted by several families that were told that their child will outgrow the condition, but never did. The condition gets a lot harder to manage the older children get.

Prolonged toe walking can lead to stiff muscles, tight calf muscles in particular, and toe walking can compromise your child’s stability, making your child more prone to falling.

Can Shoes Help Prevent Your Child from Toe Walking?

This depends on the reason why your child toe walks. I have noticed that shoes can be really effective to help prevent toe walking as long as your child’s toe walking is due to a neuromuscular condition such as flat feet. For example, children with flat feet have poor balance and coordination. To combat this, children might raise on their toes to put their feet in a more stable position. Toe walking enhances the arch which creates a more stable foot (base) and temporarily improves the child’s balance and stability. This however is not normal and promotes improper muscle balance development and needs to be addressed.

What Makes the High-Top Shoes that I Recommend Ideal to Prevent Toe Walking?

1️⃣ Rigid Outsole: Shoes that are rigid at the front make it harder for children to get on their toes. You want to stay away from shoes that are overly flexible. For example, grab your child’s current pair of shoes and make sure that they bend at the toes but no further. If you can bend the shoes as a spiral then you need to look for a different pair of shoes.


2️⃣ Stable Base of Support: The shoes should provide a supportive outsole as a stable base of support to put your child’s feet in a more stable position.


3️⃣ Firm Heel Counter: Keep in mind that not all high-top shoes provide the same amount of support. The heel counter is the back part of the shoes and the firmer it is, the better support and stability that it provides.


4️⃣ Laces VS Velcro Closure: Shoes that have laces will help provide your child with better support and stability compared to shoes with velcro closure.


Are High Top Shoes More Effective than Regular Sneakers to Prevent Toe Walking?

Not necessarily. I have fitted certain regular sneakers that made a tremendous difference in helping the child walk heel to toe, but I noticed that a lot of medical professionals prefer high-top shoes over regular sneakers.

The Importance of Getting the Correct Shoe Size

Did you know that shoes that are too long can make it easier for children to get on their toes? I created a free resource for those families who don’t have a specialized children’s shoe store in their area that will help them retrieve what shoe size to order online.

If you follow the instructions correctly in that resource I will be able to tell your child’s exact foot length and shape (narrow, medium, wide, extra wide).

Now let me show you a list of the best high-top shoes for toe walking children that I have fitted before. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

Best High-Top Shoes for Toe Walking Children

Take a look at the description below each shoe to find out if it can accommodate your child’s foot shape and the shoe size you should order to allow for the correct amount of growing room.

Remember that excessive growing room in your kids’ shoes will actually make it easier for them to go on their toes.

Families Testimonials

Keep in mind that what might work well for some children who toe walk might not work as well for others. Each situation is different, and there are many factors that can contribute to the effectiveness of the shoes such as the degree of your child’s condition (not all flat feet are the same) and whether the shoes are fitted properly to being with.

With that said, below you can find testimonials from families who had success with the shoes that I recommended.


The Importance of Lacing Your Child’s Shoes Correctly

For your child to get the full support and stability that the shoes have to offer you must make sure that the shoes are properly tied at all times. In fact, I came up with a specific shoe lacing technique that helps children get the full support and stability that the shoes have to offer.

Are You Looking for a Pair of Seasonal Shoes to Prevent Toe Walking?

I created several resources for children who walk on their toes, but when it comes to seasonal shoes I suggest that you look into two of the most popular ones: sandals and boots.

I hope you find this resource helpful and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions that you might have. Even though I am not a medical professional, I have helped several toe walking children find the perfect pair of shoes for their feet, and I am confident that I will be able to help your child as well. You can either contact me through the comments section below or via email:

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