Fitting Children's Shoes

Kids’ Shoes for the Playground – The Most Durable Kids’ Shoes!


Have you been looking for a pair of sturdy, comfortable, and durable shoes for your child to take to the playground? Do you feel like your children are always wearing out their shoes before they are ready to outgrow them? There are certain shoe styles that I have fitted before that hold up better than […]

Stop Your Kids’ Shoes from Falling Apart – The Most Durable Kids’ Shoes


Does your child usually destroy his/her shoes before they are ready to be replaced? Do you feel like you are throwing your money away by having to constantly replace your kids’ shoes faster than expected? I am going to show you how to stop your kids’ shoes from falling apart based on my many years of […]

Active Shoes for Kids – The Most Durable and Supportive Children’s Shoes


Are your kids always destroying their shoes before they are ready to be replaced? Children should always outgrow their shoes before they are ready to be replaced, but if you have very active kids that are always beating up their shoes really quickly, I will show you a selection of the most durable children’s shoes. […]